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    Im going out to get some flies today and i want some help choosing them. I will be fishing in southwest PA in creeks & streams. I am targeting rainbow trout and brown trout. If you could name 3 of each type of flies, (dries, wets, streamers) if you want add color and size you use, basically the flies you dont leave the house with out.

    Also i got like 5 flys with my kit, the only one i actually know the name for is the wooly bugger, its in a light green, The rest i have no clue about. One of the other one looks like a dry fly, it has hairs coming out all around kinda like an umbrella, its color is brown/black with some white tips. If you know what it is please say. thanks

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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    What works for me in California, may not work for you in Pennsylvania. But here are some general flies that seem to work in many locations.

    1. Adams (or parachute variation)
    2. Elk Hair Caddis
    3. Stimulator

    1. Pheasant Tail
    2. Hare's Ear Nymph
    3. Prince Nymph

    1. Woolly Bugger (can be fished as a nymph)
    2. Marabou Leech
    3. Clouser Minnow

    As I stated, these are general patterns. If you want to get more specific, ask your outfitter about seasonal bugs.


    Edit: My tenth fly would be a Bird's Nest nymph or its variations.

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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    I think if you go with MPs list you will be well suited... the ONLY difference I would have is my 10th fly... and that for me would be a DDH leech... but otherwise you would do well to stock up on those patterns and never be without them!

    I am in Saskatchewan, Canada and that'll tell you a bit about the diversity of those flies...

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    Small shrimp patterns, eggs, and worm patterns are all staples IMO. But it really REALLY depends where you are fishing. Though I'm gonna go out on a limp and say that theres probably a few near universals, like the Woolly Bugger (which I DO use as a nymph), that should be in most ever box.
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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    Parachute Adams dry
    Elk Hair caddis dry
    Griffith's gnat dry

    Muddler Minnow
    Peacock and Partridge soft hackle
    Yellow Sally soft hackle
    Wooley worm
    Pheasant tail nymph
    Gold ribbed hare's ear nymph
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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    MP has a great list. Here in the east you have to throw in the san juan worm, green weenie and egg pattern. Thos would my choices along with Mp's first 6.

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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    For fishing streams in Northern New Mexico:
    Dry- Nymphs:BH's Streamers:
    Adams parachute sz 12-16 BWO sz 12-16 Wooly bugger 10-12
    Blue wing olive Thorax sz 14-16 Hair's ear sz 12-16 Muddler minnow 10
    Elk hair caddis green sz 14 Pheasant tail sz 12-16 Wooly worm 10-12
    also, Orange asher 14 and Griffith's gnat 16 Barr's emerger sz 16

    I always carry way too many flies, hard to narrow it down. A sz 16 is as small as I can go.

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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    Dries -
    BWO - 22, 20, 18
    Elk Hair Caddies -Tan - 16
    Griffins Gnat - 22, 20
    Parachute Adams - 16

    Caddies Pupae - 16
    Scuds - 16-14
    Pheasant Tail - 16, 14, 12
    Cased Caddies - 14, 16

    B.H. Bugger - Black - 12 - 8
    Black or Green Leech Pattern - 14 - 10

    If I needed to pick 10...


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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    That sale flyer header from Orvis- 12 flys for 10 bucks- that shows upon the front forum page isnot a bad deal. I can recall ordering one when I first started. Those were quality flys and I caught lots of fish on them. You may notice that the flys in that collection are mentioned in the lists above.
    Did anyone else have trouble distinguishing the lists from the forum names?

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    Default Re: Top 10 must have flies

    For creeks and streams

    Hares ear #14-16
    Pheasant tail #14-16
    Basic caddis nymph green #14
    Basic caddis nymph yellow cream #14


    partridge and herl
    Coachman (this sounds like the one you mentioned in the first post it could be wet or dry)
    Hardys favorite
    Hares ear


    parachute adams
    Beetle pattern (cochybondhu, perville o the peak, red tipped govener all good flies)
    humpy / royal wulff / coachman or similar atractor


    Olive or black wooly bugger
    (Im not shore what else will work best in the US)

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