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  1. Default Question about wader sizing.


    I am looking to purchase my first pair of waders for a upcoming trip but, the only problem is I will have to get them online. I was just wondering what would be the correct size I need?

    Inseam 30"
    Chest 40"
    Shoe size 9
    Height 5" 7"
    I was looking at the simms chart and by the way it looks LS should work? not sure if I should get a bit bigger size to make it more comfortable.

    I was looking at getting a pair of stocking foot waders so what would be the correct size shoe that I would get? I read to get a bigger shoe by at least a size not sure if this is correct.

    Sorry for a question that has probably been asked several hundred times, just want to make sure I don't get a wrong size and make my fishing trip bad.

    Thanks a bunch for your responses

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    Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    Funny I was thinking of this topic while I was reading another post.
    I just bought a pair of breathables but I couldn't find any locally that fit. My problem may be a bit odd in that waders would fit but the opening where the neoprene socks meet the material of the waders, is sort of a bottleneck with pretty much no stretch in it.
    If you have high arches you may need to up a couple of sizes. Normally I would take a size 13 shoe and my neoprenes fit just fine but I ended up going to a size 15 foot because the opening was large enough for my foot.
    I only mention this because when you buy without trying it can be a bit challenging at times. Good luck with your purchase....Kerry

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    Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    My experience is that Simms waders fit just as their size chart says they are going to fit. The great thing about Simms waders is that they have so many sizes so you can find the right fit.

    That being said, you want to be sure you have plenty of leg room so you can stoop down, kneel, even crawl...and I should add pray. I think this would be a matter of inseam measurement.

    I believe you should order your wading boot in the exact shoe size, moving up in the case of a 1/2 size. I know this to be the case with Simms boots, which, if anything, fit a little large.

    Safe wading.
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    Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    When I ordered my G3 a few months ago I sent all my measures including weight to the shop and they chose the right size for me...It's really perfect and as I've already told on the forum they're the best waders I've ever had.The only thing I can't tell you is how long they will last ...hope many seasons.

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    Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    I agree simms fit just about what they say they will, I wear a size LK(large kings)simms and they fit me great and i used there chart to pick the right size for me. As for boots I would go 1 full size bigger, gives plenty of room for heavy socks and stockingfoot.

  6. Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    While pretty much everything else in fly fishing is subject to debate, SIMMS waders are the best wader for fit and durability. When (not if) you get holes in your waders, SIMMS are the easiest to fix (thank you Gore-Tex).

  7. Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    Thank you all for your replies! I don't know if it's me or if it's really this hard to pick a pair of waders. I talked to a rep from Cabela's and she recommended me to get Medium size waders with a size 10 boot.

    I would really love to get a Simms pair but since this is my first set I wanted to just get something that didn't cost what Simms do. I was looking at the Cabela's site and found These Not sure if they would be decent. The rep I spoke to said they were pretty good.

    I only get to go fishing once or twice a year so as long as they last a few seasons that's all I am looking for.

    Thanks again for all your help, It's much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Question about wader sizing.

    I am a Simms fan. I am still trying to wear out a pair of their waders and boots I got in 2001. I can understand hesitancy to buy the best on ones first purchase, but Simms really does make stellar products.

    I have to question going from a large short to a medium. Keep in mind that breathable waders don't stretch, and so you need them to fit loosely enough to allow you to squat down, lift a leg way up for climbing and various other gymnastics common on the water/trail. You may think it looks goofy to have all that extra material between your waist and ankles, but its the best way to go.

    For cheap waders, LL Bean's $100 model is most widely held as the way to go. Breathable Emerger Stocking-Foot Waders, Men's: Breathable at L.L.Bean

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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