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    Default PHW Reel Donation

    For all of you who contributed to the PHW Reel Donation this Summer, and for those of you who may have an interest in the PHW programs, here's a short note from Ed Nicholson, President of PHW.

    "Hello Allan,

    I received the Vivarelli reels just the other day and I want to thank you and the North American Fly Fishing Forum for your most generous donation. Over the past few years we have found the Vivarelli semi-auto reels the best way to facilitate casting when the individual has lost an arm or has diminished use of an arm. With the reel allowing the user to retrieve line easily he or she then uses their teeth to strip line out. See one of our former participants, Josh Williams, on You tube YouTube - Josh Williams on Fly Rod Chronicles . We got Josh Started with a Vivarelli, but you can see in the video he is using a conventional reel to land the big Brownie. A remarkable young man who now shares the Program Lead of one our 70 some PHWFF Programs – this one at the Salem VAMC in the Roanoke, VA area.

    Your reels will be sent to each of our 10 Regional Coordinators located across the country for their use when a participant has the need of such a product to help them in their casting. I will be taking the 8WT Vivarelli’s down to Walter Reed tomorrow to give to our leader, Mark Snyder, who is taking a group to Canada next week. This is the second year that we have been invited to stay at Wilderness North on Lake Minimiska in Northern Ontario. Once again, half of the group of 10 (in fact, Josh will be one of our participants) will be from the Canadian Armed Forces and is representative of our initiative that established PHWFF Canada, under Kerry Pitt. The 8 WT will be able to handle the huge Pike that roam the lakes up there.

    Again, Allan, many, many thanks.

    Best regards,


    Ed Nicholson, President

    Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.


    Project Healing Waters

    Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make this donation a success for NAFF.


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    Default Re: PHW Reel Donation

    Thanks Allan,a great pleasure to get news about our flyfishing friends...the video is outstanding...that's a "turkey"!a real exploit to land it with one hand...I'm not sure I would manage to do it with the two mine

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    Default Re: PHW Reel Donation

    Hi Pocono,

    Thanks for posting the note from PHW. I am sure the reels will be put to good use.


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    Default Re: PHW Reel Donation


    Thanks for posting, good to hear feedback from PHW that our donation will be put to good use. God bless the men and women who have served our country!


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