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  1. Default Finally good Jig Heads

    I stopped at Bass Pro Shops today to pick up a couple fly tying things.
    For catfish at night, I like to use a 1/32oz Jig Head and tie a Wooly Bugger on it. Perfect for a 8wt. The round head doesn't get snagged on the bottom like Lead Eyes or Chain Eyes do. And the Jig Heads are cheap and use light wire hooks........ the ones I like.
    Every one I buy has paint stuck inside the eye of the hook. I even have a little tool to break the paint out of the hook eye.
    I opened the pack, and every hook was perfect!! No paint at all on the tiny hook eyes.
    I looked closely, and they are the same BPS painted Jig Heads. How could this be? For the last ten years they were always covered with paint.
    On the bottom of the label it says "Made in China"
    All the years made in America and our companies were too stupid to thin the paint a little!
    Also, the eyes are painted on perfectly, and the lead is applied perfect on every jig! The Chinese took a couple mins to adjust the machines to get everything perfect!
    A whole 10 pack for $1.97. Price went down from last year.
    This is really sad to me. China makes better stuff and much cheaper than we do.
    In Wal-Mart I recently bought some 4wt WF Floating line for $12.68! It's just as good as my $69 line I usually buy. Well, maybe even better!! But it is made in China.
    American companies are only concerned with quick profit, and screw the workers while the top get everything. How can our Engineers be so stupid as to not fix a simple thing like too thick paint or being so stupid that they can't set the CNC machines up to put out a good product?
    Soon our country will only have lying insurance companies, lying overpaid doctors, and Enron and Madoff companies.
    I like to purchase quality for a fair price, so I always look for overseas stuff anymore.
    If I only bought American, it would only line the pockets of the overpaid CEO's and never help the people who make the tackle.
    Things have changed.

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

  2. Default Re: Finally good Jig Heads


    I am glad to hear you scored a good deal on some quality jigs that the hardworking people in China made.

    It is hard to surmise tone and intent from a message board post, so I'll try not to misread/misinterpret your intent here. Suffice to say, the very broad brush you are painting with (in terms of stereo typing based off of anectodal evidence) may need pared back a little. By that I mean, there are good companies left in this country with intelligent, hard working people. It is unfortunate that your experiences have lead you to have (what I perceive to be) a cynical view of America's present and future prospects.

    I hope the jigs and fly line work out for you. You fishing for channel cats or other?

  3. Default Re: Finally good Jig Heads

    I am just being honest. Why should I have to lie? I am a Patriot, but when I see what is happening to our country, it makes me throw up!!
    It is embarrassing to me that American made stuff is getting so crappy and overpriced.
    The only "quality" tackle I have purchased in the last couple years was made in China!!.... or Korea! I can be fooled once, or twice, but after that I can see the light.
    Do you really think the American companies like Enron do any good for you and me? They are greedy, lying, pigs that take all the money for themselves and give nothing back to our country.
    As far as the fishing goes: Yea, I have been smackin' the channel cats with black woolybuggers when the sun goes down. The smallmouth bass are in a sharp decline now, but the cats and carp are thriving.
    I like a 6wt or 8wt with a floating line and a 2X. My best results are with a 1/32oz black Jig Head with dubbing and a bit of Hen soft hackle. The fly bounces on the bottom and looks like a live hellgramite.
    A wonderful time for me with my flyrod. I usually outfish the bait boys!!

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

  4. Default Re: Finally good Jig Heads

    The story goes on:
    I'm typing this on my new Mac computer. Made in China. With my Samsung 26" LCD display, also Made in China. And my cordless Microsoft keypad and cordless mouse, both made in China!
    My info is going to you with a Cable High Speed Modem, made in China. My cell phone is a TrakFone, made in China. My bigscreen TV is a LCD Vizio HD, made in China.
    Soon I'll pick up my acoustic classical guitar, made in China, and play some ZZ Top or Led Zep.
    My car, a Beemer, was made overseas. All my cloths were made overseas.
    All my Orvis, and St Croix rods were made overseas. All my reels were made overseas.
    Paper and Rags are all we make in the US anymore. We ship China scrap metal, and they send us back motors and computers.
    My printer/scanner/copier was made in China. My guitar amps were made in China. My AC was made in China.
    All my kitchen appliances were made in China. I like quality pans and pots, all made in China.
    All my pens, watches, cameras, DVD burners, LED lights, GPS systems were all made in China.
    We don't make the high tech stuff here anymore...... all we make is paper and rags!!
    The programming is all done by overseas Indian workers with phD's that work for 20K a year!!
    My guitar tuner is wonderful, made in China. My guitar strings were made in China.
    My plastic trash can is made in China. Rubbermaid went out of business because they charged four times as much for a plastic trash can as China did! They tried to fool the public with the Rubbermaid name. Some stupid folks thought the trash cans were rubber mixed with plastic to last forever!! LOL Same soft plastic as the Chinese, but four times the price.
    Everything in Wal-Mart is made in China. They can't fool me anymore, all they can do is try to sell me insurance!! ..... the great American fraud!
    This is what our country has become.

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

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