Take a moment to help the Gulf Restoration Network fight to preserve the Mississippi Sound and the Pascagoula River. The Department of Energy is planning on pumping fifty millions gallons of water out of the Pascagoula river every day to hollow out a series of salt caverns in Richton Mississippi. They then plan to dump the polluted byproduct off the shore of a barrier island. This will have detrimental effects of the aquatic life in the Sound as well as in the Pascagoula. The Sound is an amazing resource to Mississippi. It is home to very unique wildlife such as dolphins, even more, it is well recognized for it recreational and industrial fishing industries. Furthermore, the Pascagoula River is one of the last large free flowing rivers in the country. It has remained almost entirely untouched and is also home to unique plant and wildlife. Along with environmental damage, the project will cost tax payers $4 billion dollars. The Gulf Restoration Network is seeking to put a halt on this project as it will have devastating environmental and economic impacts. To do this we need more voices speaking out and united fighting for a healthier sound. Itís quick and easy. Just click here to send your personalized message to the Department of Energy. Gulf Restoration Network - Take Action