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Thread: Native Watercraft Ultimate Tegris

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    Default Native Watercraft Ultimate Tegris

    I'm thinking of getting Native Watercraft's Ultimate Tegris hybred kayak. I've been looking at this boat for over a year, and it's on sale now. The main atraction is that it's super light (32 lbs., 36 lbls. w/seat). But it's not a sit-on-top, usually recommended for fishing and easier to get in and out of.

    I'd use it to fish for smallmouth on MN, WI and other midwestern streams. Also I'd fish lakes for whatever. Might do some camping out of it.

    Does anyone have experience with this boat? Even on sale it's very expensive, so I don't want to make a mistake.
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    I'll be honest and say I've only paddled an ultimate 12. I have fish from kayaks for about 3 yrs. If I was going to get an ultimate I would get the 14.5 solo because I have fished out of a 15.5 ft long kayak and in the Ultimate 12 I felt cramped in there. Good luck on finding the right kayak for you. I always tell people don't stress the kayak you buy its only your first.
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    Default Re: Native Watercraft Ultimate Tegris

    My only concern about lightness, is durability. Several freinds tried to use a back pack weight for everyday use. I heard nothing but whinning about leaks. If you are going to drag it on shore, spend a little more.
    The best tubes have a quality valve like larger rafts. Keep some air in it and store it out of the sun! They last many years.
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    I have a Native Ultimate Solo 14.5. I have used it in Florida and Colorado. I love it. In Colorado I use it in lakes. Have not had it in the rivers yet. I got it to fly fish from, because it is very stable to stand up in. I equipped it with front and rear splash skirts, which helps when the wind picks up those white caps. Here is a site for Native watercraft that you might find interesting. Native Watercraft Owner's Group - by Lakeline Watersports. I have heard from a guy here in colorado that his tegris flexes and it took a little to get used to it.

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