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Thread: float or sink

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    i fish a bay with shallow and deep water i?ve only cast floating lines from a boat/ thinking of buying the rio short cold water intermediate sinking line or stay with the floating version????? I use 9 ft of fluro for a leader which (which sinks) what do you guys think?? will i be able to cast the sinking line after couple years of casting floating?? thanks guys

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    Hi jerrybait,

    A little more information would be helpful. You might want to consider adding your general location to your profile.

    There is no reason that you can't cast a sinking line. You just need to change your method a bit. You have to make sure to retrieve some line before making your pickup. Also make sure the tip of the fly line is moving before you start your back cast and always start from a low tip position.


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    hi frank ! i fish catalina island for calico bass,yellow tail, and halibut,most of the time in cat harbor i?m lucky enough to work summers here...will i gain a lot with the sinking line vs the 9 foot of sinking leader on my floating line ???

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    How deep is the water you're fishing and what size gear are you using? And for water depth, what is the depth of the "fishable" water between surface and either the bottom, or if it is a kelp bed, the top of the kelp?

    I haven't fished Catalina, but I'm thinking you might want something to get a little deeper than an intermediate, if you already have a floater.

    The floater might be good for the shallow bays and fishing the top of the water column, and fishing over the top of submerged kelp beds. The intermediate will only get you marginally deeper than the floater. If you're fishing for halibut, sea bass, yellowtail in deeper water from a boat, something like a fast sink, full length as opposed to a sink tip, might be the way to go. You wouldn't want to get tangled in kelp, so this would be for deep "blue" water over humps etc. for stuff like halibut, yellowtail, bonito, 'cuda, sea bass etc.

    If there are no local fly shops that can give you advice for the fishing there, the next best thing might be to take a look at how deep the gear guys are fishing for the species you want to target.

    Having 2 rods rigged up, one with a floater and the other a fast sink might cover you for anything you could run into.


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    Hi jerrybait,

    I have not fished Catalina but it sounds to me you will like a full length sinking line better than a sinking tip. The sinking rate might be influenced if you are fishing for suspended fish on fish on the bottom. Fish on the bottom would require a fast sink line.

    Joni uses a trick on deep lakes that I thought was cool. She uses a long leader like 20' or 25'. She gets up to the area she wants to fish and puts the fly and some leader in the water. Now she backs off and pulls out the leader and line as she backs up. She can end up way back from the initial spot and get deep. Maybe she can tell us more about how she does it.

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