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  1. Thumbs up Teaching others the ropes of fly fishing ?

    Good Day to All,

    Many of you have made mention before about teaching others the "ropes" of fly fishing. My simple question for today is when you have your student(s) in the water what type of fish are you having them seek to start out ?

    I would really not want one of those I am currently helping to hook into a 15-20# steelhead, or would I ?

    The several men I am helping I have taken to my favorite smallmouth river & to one of the best trout rivers I know. Mostly they hook into smaller smallies, or some type of panfish & smaller trout.

    Do you as their teacher have a criteria you follow ? I will most likely be teaching one or two more this coming spring/summer. Any good thoughts ?

    Tie One On

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    Hard to beat panfish and smallies as a startup. There are simply too many fine points for the new fly fisher to master when a fish has taken the fly ... A big fish will ordinarily carry the day even though in the end it may die.

    If you are present, a small fish offers you the opportunity to continue coaching.


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    Default Re: Teaching others the ropes of fly fishing ?

    Agree with Doug on this one. With panfish, your beginner will likely still catch fish if they are doing some things wrong, but will be rewarded with many more if they do things right. They will catch some fish if they cast near the cover, but will catch many more if they cast even closer to it, same with bass. If fishing for panfish in moving water, they will be rewarded with more fish if they can get a drag free drift as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Due to the fact that there is tons of places around here for trout, I would have to say trout. I took a friend of mine to the berry. She had never fished before and didn't want to get her nails dirty.
    I rigged her up with a bardless fly, type II line Sage DS and in my SFC. Pulled her out to 30' depth, had her throw the line out and back up. She not only caught the most fish for the day, caught the biggest. Needless to say, she likes fly fishing now.

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    While going after Steelies is something I really want to do, I would not recommend it for a beginner. I think one of the nice things about learning is when you land fish. I would imagine that an inexperienced angler would have trouble battling a big fighting fish like that.

    Yeah, panfish and small trout are the way to go, imo, as they are quick and easy to land. Get them having a ball catching first and they will likely be back. And then the memories of fish in the net will carry them through those dog days of no fish.
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    If you are teaching someone the ropes of fly fishing does that mean your teaching them to cast? or to fish? Because there is a big difference between looking pretty on the water and or lobbing a nymph into a slot.

    If your teaching them to fish, then panfish are a great way to get them involved in the sport. You can usually catch a bunch of them, they jump around and provide great entertainment, and at the same time you can actually work with your students on elements of casting, fighting fish techniques etc.

    I'd stay away from eastern style steelhead fishing with beginners simply because even the best of us have had to sit down and untangle that horrible mess of an indicator, split shot and 1 or 2 flies - thats really not the best way to learn to fly fish hehe.

    As for teaching criteria what exactly do you mean? techniques or simply moving them from easier water to more difficult technical water?

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