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Thread: Building a rod?

  1. Question Building a rod?

    Does anybody have any good sites to buy supplies at or know of any good books/videos that would help in learning how to build a graphite rod? No rush, this a project for the future but thought i would start learning now. Thanks

  2. Default Re: Building a rod?

    I am sure that Steve could get you just about anything you could think of.. Why not ask him?

  3. Default Re: Building a rod?

    Hey fshfanatic, you think Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve can help. Are we stuuuuttttteeeerrring.
    My ol' man is building rods right now and they are beautiful. He would recommend Dan Craft for a blank.

  4. Re: Building a rod?

    No wonder fshfanatic has so many posts to his record.

  5. Default Rod Building


    Send me your regular email address and I'll send you a rod building book...


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    You can find alot of links and imformation at

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