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Thread: Flying with Flies

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    Default Flying with Flies

    Do you check your flies? They're considered sharp objects, I suppose. I was going to check - and I've always checked before. But if I could carry them on that would be my preference.



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    Default Re: Flying with Flies

    I think you will find that even though airlineX gives you what you believe to be a definitive answer, it will still all remain up to the vagaries in judgement of individual TSA personnel and what they feel like you can take aboard on any given day. And there is no rhyme or reason for their decisions on any given day. The list of horror stories along these lines is a very long one, indeed. And remember, you could strangle somebody with the fly line wrapped around the reel you wanted to carry on!
    Flying's just not fun anymore,

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    Default Re: Flying with Flies

    I have flown a few times with multiple flies stuck in my hat and had no issues I wouldn't think they would give you too much of a problem.
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    Default Re: Flying with Flies

    I have lost so many pocket knives to these folks! aaagh I would split my flies between gate check and baggage check, only way to "almost" guarantee that you arrive with gear.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

    Being "one with nature" requires a knowledge of what animals are living nearby and a weapon of sufficient magnitude to give you at minimum an equal chance of survival. No one has an invisible aura that animals can detect and sense your good intentions.

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    Always carry flies on board. TSA agents sometime get weirded out.."Real flies?"

    Be prepared to open the case and show and explain.

    But that little old lady with the knitting needle is far more of a danger than me with a few #2 Clousers.

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    Default Re: Flying with Flies

    I've often wondered about flying with gear. Not so much the flies, though I wouldn't doubt that some agents would disallow them, but my hemostats, knot tools, hook file?

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    Don't take clamps or pliers or such on board. Flies, rod, reel and leader, yes.

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    Default Re: Flying with Flies

    I check them whenever I travel; in with my fishing gear. But, I also check my rods and reels, so I guess I'm more trusting of baggage transport than some. Multiple trips / no bad experiences .................. yet!


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    Default Re: Flying with Flies

    I always carry my gear on (minus the waders and boots)...Store everything in my Fishpond Dakota Carry-on...Fly boxes and flies, rods, reels and line, forceps, nippers, and even floatant...You get the idea - I take EVERYTHING. I hate checking any of that stuff because loss or theft can quickly ruin a fishing trip and that, for me, outweighs the hassle of carrying a bag on to the plane. Anyhow, out of all the times that I have gone through the TSA line, I have only been questioned twice; "Where was I going fly fishing?", and "what are those sticks in your bag?(they were my 4 piece rods)." In my experience, the majority of the TSA agents know what the stuff is as I am sure they have seen it more than once, but Gary is all depends on who you get to screen your gear at the airport. Until I am told otherwise, its all going on the plane with me and in to the overhead compartment.

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    i once was told that i could not carry my rods on.... they said they would check them... i said no.. they are not leaving my hand... they said well you cant take them on board... i said then i guess i am not getting on board... to shorten the story.... after a lil chat with a the supervisor and getting the pilots ok.. i was sitting on the plane with my rods..

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