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    I have fished my whole life (for bass using spinning and bait cast) and just started fly fishing. My question: How important is it to read books and DVDs to learn fly fishing. So far I have had some success knowing how to use current and practicing casting in the back yard. I like learning things on my own but this is a lot like golf. Very relaxing and stressful at the same time.

    Are books and other learning tools worth the time and money?

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    well just like golf - fly fishing is pretty hard to learn out of a book. Mel Kreiger's Introduction to fly fishing is a pretty good video. It goes over the basics of fly fishing and he'll show you how to develop a rythm. But after that it is just time practicing. Practice developing your own motion on the lawn or somthing. Its to difficult to learn to cast and fish at the same time, it just gets to frustrating. So I would suggest a beginners video and maybe a short lesson or 2 from your local flyshop, they can help you out with understanding the basics and get you going with the right technique right away. After that its just practice and developing a motion that works best for you.

    Good luck

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    I have been fishing for close to 30 yrs and I still read books, magazines and watch DVD's etc. You will definately create your own "style" but fishing is a sport that makes you constantly change to meet conditions. Having numerous ideas will only help you.

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    while there's a ton of good advice in books, nothing will help you learn like a good guide.

    I still enjoy catching some flyfishing on OLN and reading Gierach, A.K. Best, Wolf, Babb, etc; but I definately get more out of an afternoon with a seasoned vet.


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    You can never read enough, or see enough instructional videos. However, you will shave A LOT of time off of the learning curve by going out with a couple of guides. And it helps to go with a few if you can swing it. The key is to learn your local waters, but more importantly learn different tactics from different guides (dry fly, nymphing, streamers, etc.). Each have a completely different style and approach and a guide will teach theory and reality a lot quicker than books or videos. If budget is a concern, I’m sure there are forum members in your area that would be happy to fish with you if you throw in Gas $, lunch and a beer or two!

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