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    Default LOST Guideline LeCie 10 ft. 5 wt.

    On Wed. June 24th, I was on a GO bus heading from Guelph to Toronto, leaving Guelph at 8:10 pm.....we were asked to disembark from the bus at Yorkdale due to problems with the bus tires....I had intended to go through to York Mills....we got off the bus at approx. 10 pm......I was the last to leave the bus.....and the bus left the bus terminal as soon as we got off the my hurry I left a fly rod on the was in a bright orange vinyl tube with Guideline in black letters on the side.....the tube was about 3 to 4 ft long, 2-3 inches in well on the top of the case are the words Le Cie 10 ft. 5 wt 4 piece....this is a valuable rod (and more to the point I was looking forward to using it out west...great czech nymphing rod)....and I'm not blaming GO for my stupidity for leaving it on the bus.....but I reported it on Wed. night (24th) as soon as I realized I had left the rod.....I reported it again by phone on Thursday June 25th and went to GO Lost and Found at Union Station on Friday June 26th.....but no of today, nearly a month later still no rod

    My fear is that if somebody did find the rod that they might try to sell it, especially since it is a rather specialized rod. So if anybody hears of a Le Cie 10 ft. 5wt. 4 piece for sale (there aren't that many Le Cie 10ft. 5 wt. rods in Ontario) then please contact me through this forum.....if anybody who might have found this rod reads this please return questions asked, just want rod returned.


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    Default Re: LOST Guideline LeCie 10 ft. 5 wt.

    Sorry to read your misadventure. I'll keep an eye out on different forums and such for a rod such as the one you lost.


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