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Thread: Nets: Teardrop or Rectangular?

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    I read the poll on using a net vs not using a net. I don't own one, but feel I may be man-handling the fish removing the hook so was considering getting one. What are the pros/cons to the different styles? I'm leaning towards rectangular to save on bulk while walking/fishing.

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    jayodonn: Good question, I have no idea, I always buy the one that strikes my fancy, but maybe someone on the list can give more insight into the pros and cons of the various styles.


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    Hi jayodonn,

    If you are going to carry the net on your back the Rectangular model is the best choice. A Round net is too wide at the widest part and you can bump it with you elbows or back of your arms if you carry it high. The nets on the Rectangular is usually not as deep and that is a good thing. The rectangular use to be called a catch and release net.

    Now if you are in a boat and catching really big fish the round net with a long handle is handy. In any event the new rubber or plastic nets are easier on the fish with no knots. They also won't grab your hook like the nylon nets use to do.


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    I use the rectangular c&r net. When releasing the fish, it's easier to cradle the fish since it is stretched out rather than doubled over in the rounder styles.


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    I split the difference by using a triangular net.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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