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    I am fairly new to fly fishing and had a question regarding nymph fishing. I know how to set up some different nymph rigs fairly well but I am unsure how much they should be weighted or how much split shot should be added to give them the ideal presentation. Do you want the split shot constantly banging off rocks on the bottom with the flies trailing behind or do you want is suspended off the bottom? Also, how do you know you are getting down deep enough if you can't spot your flies in the water? The only way I can really tell is if you are occasionally hanging up and then you know you are making contact with the bottom. Basically, if anyone could tell me how I would know if the nymph rig was properly weight it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Truthfully, the best way to figure out how much weight you need is to put it on a bit at a time until you're getting hung up, then take some off.
    After awhile you'll be able to judge it pretty well, but there's a constant adjustment.
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    I don't like "constantly" feeling the bottom when I nymph. And I don't fish with my fly "trailing" upstream of my shot. In that situation it sounds like not only are you using too much shot, but you are also fishing a pretty heavy fly, if thats the case you want significantly less weight in shot. I do however, like being reassured that I'm getting down by feeling a periodic tic or brief hang-up when I can't see or sense where my fly is in the water column.

    I pretty much follow what Rip Tide says to find out how much to use. I start light and incrementally increase If I am worried about snags. If I know its a pretty snag free area I go in on the heavy side of my guesstimate and then work my way lighter. And you do get a feel for it after while and will spend less time adjusting, and more time getting it right on the first cast.


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    While I don't fish with nymphs all that often anymore, and take into consideration that this is pretty specific to the rivers I fish and my own personal preference. I find that a point fly tied with a tungston bead and ample lead wraps and trailing fly cast up and across with a proper mend slowly taking up the slack till I feel the the bugs are "in the zone" then high sticked to the point where I can allow them to slow swing out of the pool or pocket works for me.
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    I like to feel an occasional tic on the bottom so I add weight accordingly . I like to use "Tungsten Putty to fine tune the weight & I'll start with a guesstimate using split shot & adapt it as needed by either adding some putty or removing a shot & adding putty. The good thing about the putty is you make a "noodle on the leader with it closer to the fly & it doesn't seem to hang up as much.. Cast it upstream & high stick ( Leising lift) the rod to keep from getting too much slack, I use an indicator most of the time so keeping all the slack out is not necessary but you still have to be able to control the fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    Truthfully, the best way to figure out how much weight you need is to put it on a bit at a time until you're getting hung up, then take some off.
    After awhile you'll be able to judge it pretty well, but there's a constant adjustment.
    I totally agree with Rip....

    A book I read in the past "if you were not snagging moss you weren't nymphing" I totally agree. If you "high stick" nymph with doubles in fast water you want to "SIX Sense" the bottom and when something is different you do a hook set..and the strip set is the best.

    Basically I will bounce a tandem rig on the bottom and then remove 1/2 the weight until I quit snagging moss. I totally believe the weight helps not only get the rig to the bottom but it tightens up the line so you can "sense" the take.

    my two bits....


    PS... I can totally forget time and space when I work a fast current with a nymph rig...

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