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Thread: okuma fly reels

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    Default okuma fly reels

    so i went out on a limb and bought two okuma fly reels. one is a sanibel 8/9 and the other is a vashon 3/4. both are fully machined and feature a sealed disc drag. both reels i found new, in the box, for under 60 bucks apiece.
    i've never used okuma gear before so any feedback would be greatly. .appreciated.



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    Default Re: okuma fly reels

    well, at those prices you're not too far out on a limb...Okuma is known to provide excellent value and reliability. My experience is with the Sierra model (still about 35-40 bucks on ebay) and my 8/9 has landed well over 300 silvers and some of those Skeena steelhead without a hiccup...Can't imagine the reels you've purchased are not going to give you good service. -Mike

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    Default Re: okuma fly reels

    I have a few Okuma Magnitude reels and a few Okuma SLV reels.
    They seem to function well, but mostly serve to store line with my fishing.

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    Default Re: okuma fly reels

    I have the Sierras on my 3,4 and 6 wt rods. They work OK for me-good value- but I've never had to really put the drag to an extreme test.

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    Default Re: okuma fly reels

    I've had a few of the Sierra's and one of the Helios, and they've all been extremely good for the price. Pretty much all of their equipment that I've encountered and used has been of good quality. All the reviews I've read too say that they are basically no frills workhorse reels, which is pretty true.

    The Helios in particular was a really good reel (had a 9/10 I used for a bonefishing trip). I ended up selling it with a rod, but I can see myself getting another one at some point in a 7/8 for steelhead. Lightweight and a really good drag system.

    Oh, and I was looking at the Sanibel on ebay for a really good price. If I had the extra cash, I'd have bought it cause it looks like a really nice reel. There were a couple of them up for $70 a few weeks ago, which is a screaming deal.

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