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    Default Freshwater fly the salt???

    Can I use a freshwater fly line in the salt?

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    Default Re: Freshwater fly the salt???

    That's what i do.... and factory second, $10 line at that
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    Default Re: Freshwater fly the salt???


    Using a pike line in tropical heat is another matter though...

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    Default Re: Freshwater fly the salt???

    I have been doing it for years with no harm done The line from the picture below is fine and this was 2005 I think.


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    Default Re: Freshwater fly the salt???

    I've used freshie lines in hypersaline water with no problems. I would, however, recommmend thorough rinsing. milt

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    Default Re: Freshwater fly the salt???

    Thanks...I can find some trout lines cheap when compared to saltwater dedicated lines...I figure trout like colder water so their lines should function okay in the temperature range of striped bass..I wasn't sure about the salt having a bad effect though....

    thanks for the help

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