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    Default hi its buck again

    to add to my last thread somebody ask to post what kind of rod I have to find out how much backing/line to use .it is a garcia mitchell 710 automatic i think the year is 1967 ? thanks again and good fishing buck

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    Default Re: hi its buck again

    Hey Buck, you may be interested in this link with an ad for the 1967 model:

    The ad says that the reel will hold 50 yds of 15 mono with a "GAAF" fly line. That's an old numbering system that equates to a modern 10 weight, weight forward taper fly line. Later models, like the 1971 year version held a bit more backing.

    That would translate into about 75 yards give or take of 20lb Dacron or Micron (easier to manage than mono) figuring that your 7 weight line is thinner than a 10 weight line and so you'll be able to put a tad more backing on.

    This should be plenty for bass fishing, and shouldn't over fill the spool when the fly line is added on top of it.


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