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    Default LaFontaine's Twist Nymph

    I have been doing some reading and read an interview with Gary LaFontaine where he discusses his Bead Head Twist Nymph. I am really intrigued by his thoughts regarding colors and light patterns. It sounded interesting so I googled the pattern and it has definitely peaked my interest. I am thinking that it not only would work on trout, but could work as a warmwater pattern for sunfish and small bass. Does anyone have any experience with this pattern? Is this pattern available commercially?

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    Default Re: LaFontaine's Twist Nymph

    Gary's mail-order shop still operates-

    I've never tied them to Gary's specifications because it sounds a bit like a PITA, but generally trust Gary's advice on flies to be right on.

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    Default Re: LaFontaine's Twist Nymph

    I was gonna write that there's no way a Lafontaine twist nymph would work as designed with a bead head... so I thought I'd better look it up before I stuck foot-in-mouth.

    The nymphs I saw were nothing like the ones from Gary's book Trout Flies.
    The original... the one from the book, works great.
    When used with a loop knot, it flips over when stripped to trigger a strike.
    I have no idea how the 'new version' works or why Gary's pattern was changed.
    Doesn't seem right to me
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