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Thread: Brown Trout or Black Trout - Question

  1. Default Brown Trout or Black Trout - Question

    I just got back from a fantastic trip on the Limay River in Argentina. Huge browns and rainbows were aplenty.

    I have a question about something I've never seen before. During the 6 day float we saw a few MASSIVE sleeping, brown trout (6+ kgs). They were a dark black, had a hooked jaw, and the eyes were white (completely blind). They were not sick and were very strong. One of the people on the trip physically netted one (ended up in a big wipeout and a bent net) and then when he let it go it only swam 5 feet away and fell asleep again.

    Does anyone have a theory about what is going on with these fish? The normal browns migrate up the river from very deep lakes to chase minnows.


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    Default Re: Brown Trout or Black Trout - Question

    Interesting story, I have no idea, but if you have any photos from your trip we sure would like to see them!


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    My buddy did get a photo, so I will post it when I can.

    I am a photographer so I have lots and lots of Argentina photos as well. This was my 4th trip with Andes Drifters. They put together a superb trip. If anyone has questions about an Argentina trip I would be happy to respond.

    I am brand new to this forum, so I'm not sure of the best place to post trip photos.

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    Default Re: Brown Trout or Black Trout - Question


    Never heard of such fish, but Welcome to the forum anyway! We have a photography thread in the Lodge Den forum where things get viewed a lot. It would be nice to see some there and you can also post on General Discussion if you want. Here is a link to the photography thread it has had over 12,000 views so they will be seen;

    Glad to have you in the group,


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    Default Re: Brown Trout or Black Trout - Question

    Sounds like vampire trout to me!

    Just kidding, I have no idea but I will second Larry for some pics.
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