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Thread: Fly Fishing RV Caravan

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    New forum member.

    Wife and I recently got more into fly fishing, as we finally retired and wanted to fish a lot more. We also bought an 04 Itasca Sunrise 32V. We went on a really wonderful fishing RV trip last fall, through BC, AB, MT and WY. Had a great time, and loved that way of traveling and fishing.

    We have been looking for something that may not exist, but hope is does, and if anyone knows of something out there we'd appreciate hearing about it. We thought it would be a great thing if there was a fly fishing RV caravan business. The business would arrange ahead of time for great fishing destinations, all the RV parks, fly fishing guides, fly fishing set-up guidelines for the areas, etc. It would be a great way to visit new areas and maximize the pleasure of fly fishing RVers.

    Does anyone have any ideas of anyone who might offer something like this?

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    Welcome to the forum, I haven't a clue about any business that does this. I have traveled a lot and honestly, the mystery was a big part of the experience. I have never known any more than I could find out by reading and nowadays with Goggle I'm sure you can know more. I am not trying to throw ice water on your plans but have always found that figuring things out on the rivers was enormously rewarding. The times that things went wrong made the best stories. I didn't have the kind of friends who were waiting with baited breath to hear another story about how perfect my trip had been. Being able to share the good, the bad, and , well you know, is what made it all worth while.

    It sounds like you guys had a great trip and when it comes to fly fishing why .
    look for company on a river you travel 1000 miles to reach

    Welcome to the group, I hope you'll stick around and share some of the stories and photos on the site

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Thanks Ard for the quick reply.

    We belong to the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen club. We have what they call fishouts many times a year. The fishouts are planned trips to specific areas, with lodging and guides prearranged. We really like the trips, as we meet folks who are well versed in those areas, and in the evenings we all get together and tell outrageous lies about how well we did. Most of the time the fishouts have about 8-15 folks. We don't find that many overcrowd places too much.

    As we traveled by RV last fall, we were on our own, and it was really great. But, we learned the hard way about a lot of things. The mistakes we made, for example for guides that weren't all that great, or RV parks that didn't work out as they advertised, cost a lot. It would be great to have a knowledgeable caravan master that would iron out all those things for a group of folks. They could travel, fish, and make some money doing it.

    Understandably, some folks are more introverted than some others. We like the opportunity to meet new folks AND fish in great places. So, that is some of the method behind our mad idea.

    Hopefully something exists out there that will fill our needs.


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    Default Re: Fly Fishing RV Caravan

    Jim: Welcome to the forum and congrats on the retirement! Your trip sounds great, how about posting a trip report with some photos of your experiences. I haven't heard of exactly what you are talking about but there is a group called "Sisters on the Fly" that organize trips via caravan that you might be interested in. Sisters on the fly,Cowgirl Caravan,fly fishing,trailers,vintage trailers,western bedding

    Also if your interested in fishing destinations or other details, just ask your question on the forum, you would be surprised at the information you can receive.


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    Thanks for the nice welcome.

    I have seen the Sisters on the Fly group, and web site. Some of their rigs were at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show a few weekends ago. They do not have any organized caravans that I have seen. Someone was supposed to get back to me, but haven't yet.

    So far I haven't seen anything like I am thinking of. I have talked to several RV caravan companies, and none of them have ever heard of anything either.

    So, I just may have to get it going by working with an existing caravan company. The question is - would anyone use the service?

    If a caravan was offered, to say somewhere like Montana, and the travelers got -

    2 weeks of planned travel to some of the best waters in Montana. People get their rigs (could be travel trailers, motorhomes, or 5th wheels) to the starting point, say Bozeman or West Yellowstone, then travel in a loosely organized caravan group to several other destinations over the next 2 weeks.

    - All RV park sites pre-arranged (discounted over typical rates)

    - Local fly fishing guides pre-arranged for at least one day at each location (discounted over typical rates)

    - Some dinner or breakfasts at the RV parks pre-arranged

    - Some sightseeing tours pre-arranged for those who want that (my wife can only fish just so many days in a row)

    - Local guides doing some presentations for the group at the RV parks

    - Handouts for each area with set-up guidelines, tackle and flies to use, etc

    - Discounted tackle and accessories at fly shops in each area

    It would be pretty costly, given the costs of guides especially, but cheaper than going it alone.

    Would this be interesting to anyone? Chime in, suggest other ideas to include in the trip, destinations, etc.

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    We have friends who are starting an RV caravan business this year, and have discussed the possibility of participating with them as tailgunner/fishing guide. The problem I have in doing this is that I haven't spent sufficient time in the areas they are looking to travel. I have fished the area, but not on a daily basis.
    It seems that to be an effective guide one must have in depth knowledge the waters to be fished. And that seems like a multi-year investment of time and money. Without the knowledge one is just another wannabe guide. Having spent time with a couple of those folks, I wouldn't want to be one of them.
    I'd like other thoughts on this. A travelling guide seems like a great idea - it's the details that get in the way.

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    Thanks for the feedback morgal48. I agree. I wasn't thinking we would be the actual fishing guides, but more the caravan wagonmasters, as they are called. The local guides in each area would be relied on for the fishing expertise. We would prearrange with local contacts, both for the RV parks, etc, and the fishing guides and shops.

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