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Thread: What fly???

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    Default What fly???

    Cutthroat flys?

    I'm going to Alaska in August and our guide is flying us into a place where there is "almost constant cutthroat action". I said we would buy flys from him since I'm a salt water/warm water guy.
    I was just wondering though..... What kind of flys do you think he'll use for cutthroats? What would you use?


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    Default Re: What fly???

    The fact that there are Cutthroats in Alaska is news to me, I assumed they were mostly in the rockies and some in the northwest and lower BC.

    I would think the flies you would want to use are about the same as for rainbows in the area, although if they are Coastal Cutts fresh out of the salt, you might want ot go with some flashier baitfish patterns.

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    Hello Stan,I have fished Cutt's for years and can honestly tell you in the summer you can catch them on what ever you want to use!If you want to fish streamers you will get them on anything from white wolly buggers(my fav) to egg sucking leeches if you wanna try nymphs you will probally catch them on what ever you try for dry fly's make sure you use a fly that is very well made as most waters that hold cutt's hold lot's of them!! And they are not shy about smaking and destroying fly's,I like Daves Hopper,Stimulators,ect.. your guide will probally advise you to try thease as the grasshoppers will be going by then and if the water your on has any hoppers around it,the cutt's will take them all day long,you should have a blast cutt's are my #1 fav trout.
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