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Thread: New 4wt outfit?

  1. Question New 4wt outfit?

    Looking for a new 4wt outfit, not sure what to get, never really used a 4wt before so I thought I would look for some opinions. I have 6wt setup that is great but just was looking to diversify the tools a bit. Anyways a 4pc rod would do well. So if you have an opinions please let me know what your high end and low end setups would be. The 6wt I have now is a tip flex which I like but I've used a mid flex before and liked it also. So if there is a preference and or any benefits in flex when using a 4wt let's hear it. Thanks again.
    This sites been great for information and more importantly when you've been stuck in Nebraska, I appreciate the help.


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    My favorite 4wt is my Sage VPS 9'. It is awesome and a "mid flex" as Orvis calls them.They dont make them any more but I am sure you can find one.. cost about $175 new, but you can probably do better as everyone was closing them out. Check ebay.

    Or a Winston Vapor? Sweet rod and fairly fast. Steve sells them check no tax and shipping is included at no cost.

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    If you can find a custom builder locally, have them build one out of a Dan Craft blank. Sig V in a four piece. If you like a faster rod, an FT.
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    My favorite rod is a 4wt, and its a Sage VPS Light. Its a different action than the VPS, and is a good bit slower, probably just a straight "medium" action. They, like the VPS, have been discontinued, so you should be able to find some good deals on them out there. I think the bargain cave section fo the cabelas website even had some last I checked. I like slower rods for trout fishing because they work a bit better for trick casts, roll casts and mending.

    Other good options would be the ECHO classic, the TFO pro or TiCR, and you might ask Steve about the Beulah 4wt he sells. (Think he's cast one, I haven't) The Buelah rods are built with titanium guides and come with two tips. I think my next rod will be their 6 or 7 wt.

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    I have a Winston Vapor,and love it,Orvis aslo makes a great 4 wt. mid line rod in the silver label line that is fantastic.

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