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    Hello everyone,

    Been a long time since I have posted on here. Went back home for the summer and now I am back at university. Back home we still have dial up, but it is finally changing to high speed. I don't know about anyone else but after using high speed it is very frustrating to use dial up. When you live out in a rural area sometimes the providers of such services forget about you for awhile, no idea what it's like anywhere else.

    Anyway the fishing season here has not been all that great, plus I didn't get out as much (went about every other day last summer). Weather was different this summer and the water levels were all over the place. My friend and I had some luck, mainly fishing sea run brookies. I only got to fish the sea runs once, and it was a great day trip. I had 4 on but lost 2 so I was a little unhappy with that but oh well I release them anyway. This particular area is protected which is great and is far away from any populated area so there isn't a car or truck or any other noise just silence and the sounds of nature. We even had 2 moose watch us fish from about 75 feet away. Can't imagine what they thought of us but they just stood and watched us for a good 10 minutes. At this place you can drive in so far then there is a gate. From there it is either walk or bike down the woods road. We decided to bike as the place we wanted to go was a ways in, as well when you get there you have to hike in to the river. Here's the thing we hadn't used our bikes in awhile. My friends worked, however every time I petaled the back tire would fetch up on mine. The thing was I could push it along so my friend went back to the truck to get a tie down strap. We hooked it on my bike and to his and he proceeded to tow me into the spot, I wish I could have seen it I am sure it would have been hilarious to see. We ended up walking out as he got a flat, turned out to be an adventure that's for sure but it was one of the best fishing trips I had been on in awhile.

    So you may be asking whats up with the interesting return part. Well I checked my email and noticed a notification from this site, or the ones who currently run this one. Turns out someone was trying to access my account. I went to the forum and tried to login and found out the password was changed. Thanks to those who run the site I was able to get on with a password that I have never used and changed it. The thing is if it was a hacker of sorts then they need to find something better to do. As well there is nothing in here of personal info they could use. What I am hoping is that they never posted anything stupid or harsh remarks towards anyone. They only would have been able to do so within the last week since the notification came to me on the 1st of September, however I never checked into that email account until this past Tuesday.

    I will have to post a few pics of some of the sea run brookies as well as my electric guitar I had built this past summer (part of the reason I didn't fish as much), if anyone is interested. I would post some of my ties but I lack a digital camera so I am hoping to find one sometime to use. Before I end this long thread could anyone give some advice on a reliable pair of waders and wading boots, mine which I have had for a few years are literally starting to leak right through the fabric.

    Have a good one,


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    Default Re: Interesting return

    Hi Troutseeker,

    Welcome back to the forum. You will notice some changes and more to come. Hopefully they are changes for the better.

    It may not have been a Hacker trying to get on with your password. We did have a problem with the software and many members received a similar message by mistake, including me. So just forget it and enjoy the forum. The passwords in the software are protected so that no one, even the web master, can get access to them. That has caused a problem for NAFFF with the moving the registration and password to a central server for all Fish&Fly sites. So everyone will get a new password when we make the move. Afterwords you can visit any Fish&Fly site with only one log in.

    This is going to open up a bunch of new information for NAFFF members. I was looking at a list of Fly Tying tutorials on Fish&FlyUK site and they have a bunch of them. Anyone who registered in the past month is already in the new server and can access all of the Fish&Fly sites.

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    Default Re: Interesting return

    Jeff: Welcome back, good to see you posting again, great story. Post your photos of the sea run brookies when you get time, we would love to see them.


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    Thanks for the welcomes,

    Yeah I had a hard time believing a hacker would find my account interesting but it was so strange what had happened. I had also forgot about the switch over from my absence so that could explain it as well. I wasn't concerned but it was very strange. As for the pictures I will get them up as soon as I get them from my friend.

    I am interested in seeing all the new stuff coming to the forum.


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    Default Re: Interesting return

    Welcome back...I hear you on the dial up; it sucks... I never realized how much until I retired and had to use it at home; I finally bought an air card because the wife hated the dial up more then I did...LOL


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    Default Re: Interesting return

    Someone hacked another fly fishing data base I was registered on and used it to send me an e-mail. You know the one where they have fled the country under duress and really need me to hold there uppitty million pounds sterling for a bit then they will of course leave me a few measely millions for doing them a favour? That is about all I could see them using the info for, but I sent it on to the Admin anyway. IT WAS NOT this site.
    Welcome back by the way, though we have never met, hope the rest of the year is good to you.....Kerry

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    Thanks Dan and Kerry,

    Glad to hear I am not the only one who gets frustrated over dial-up. My family thinks I am crazy how frustrated it makes me but just wait till they have it and then they will understand, no more 10000000min waiting for a page to load.

    I don't think we have met Kerry but then again I didn't make a whole lot of posts when I first signed up last year so I never had a chance to meet a lot of people. By the way I can't see it right now but does anyone know why it says I registered this year beside my name, at least I think it did.

    I had a scam email. They wanted me to buy gold from somewhere out of North America, Africa I think. The price was so low that I would make a HUGE profit by reselling it within my own country......... I could be rich. All I had to do was send them the money for it and they would send the gold to me........sure.

    Quick little background before I sign off, when I first signed up I think I was the only one from New Brunswick, Canada but maybe now I am not.


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