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nav 09-10-2009 08:53 AM

Mind the bomb !!
I live in a place where the most terrible battle occured during WWI (bataille de la Somme, even worst than Verdun). And there are still cruel marks of that dreadfull conflict.

Here's an example :

There is a small stream not far from where I live where I enjoy fly fishing for barbels & chubs (unfortunately no trout in there).

The surroundings are quite nice, like pictured bellow :

I was wading confidently within, until I noticed that stuff in the shallow water :

At first, I tought it was a bottle (though a bit bigger than a bottle of wine !!), but actually that was an old WWI bomb in place for more than 90 years !! :upset:

An other angler from the village told me they were quite common, and that he has even hooked an ammunition box !!

Don't need to say that I do not put any foot back in water since that discovery !!

lourdios 09-10-2009 09:36 AM

Re: Mind the bomb !!
nice pics but scary waters

peregrines 09-10-2009 12:46 PM

Re: Mind the bomb !!

Nav, The fish would have to be pretty big to fish that stretch....
I think I'd have to empty out my waders if I came across one of those.:)

Pocono 09-11-2009 08:10 PM

Re: Mind the bomb !!
Reminds me a little of "Crocodile Dundee" fishing with dynamite in the Hudson off NYC!

I'd find a new stream if I were you.

Actually it reminds me a little of sailing when I was younger. We were headed for the Isles of Shoals; a small group of islands off the coast of New Hampshire (where the pirate Captain Kidd is supposed to have buried most of his treasure; although it's never been unearthed). On the way out we saw what we thought might be a small sleeping whale (they sometimes remain almost motionless with their backs sticking just above the water), so we decided to sail over to take a look. As we got closer, it kept it's place - it didn't move. When we were about 50 feet from it and headed for it on a broad reach (we were haulin' for a sailboat) someone said: "it has spikes on it!" Yikes!!! It was a WWII mine! We barely missed colliding with it. I'm not sure if that would have touched it off, but I never brought a boat around faster in my life. We reported it to the Coast Guard on the VHF and they came right out, cordoned it off, totally cleared out the area and that was the last we saw of it. We made the local papers, but I'll tell you, we were just plain lucky!

troutdoorsman 09-11-2009 08:49 PM

Re: Mind the bomb !!
I love history. Exploring areas with history like that would be awesome. Catching a fish in it would be that much more intriguing.

mojo 09-12-2009 07:55 PM

Re: Mind the bomb !!
Did you or anyone else call the authorities? I'm sure they can have the army bomb disposal unit take care of it.

Pocono 09-12-2009 08:14 PM

Re: Mind the bomb !!

I'm talking back in the mid-1960's. Once we ID'd it as an old floating mine and the Coast Guard arrived, we beat a hasty retreat. We were about 15 miles off the coast on what was supposed to be about a 20 mile sail. From recollection, the mine looked like it was probably 6-8' across and just barely visible sticking up above the water. We heard that the Coast Guard blew it up close to where we had seen it; but we never heard the explosion. Interestingly, it was almost in the same place that the nuclear sub "Thresher" went down off the coast of New Hampshire in the 60's.

nav 09-14-2009 02:14 AM

Re: Mind the bomb !!

Originally Posted by mojo (Post 67625)
Did you or anyone else call the authorities? I'm sure they can have the army bomb disposal unit take care of it.

Of course,

But in the countryside it's a bit frightening sometimes when you see other bombs, found by farmers in the fields, standing on the side of the road. And the farmers, quite accustomed, hold them with their own hands !! :eek:
They are just eveywhere around. That reminds me the 400 000 soldiers who died in that battle of the Somme which remains the bloodiest of all time.

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