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  1. Default Oh great, here comes a new addiction.

    I've just entered the dark side and started furling my own leaders. I guess tying flies and actually fishing wasn't taking up enough of my time. But man, that is a cool concept. The possibilities are endless as far as making your leader do whatever you want it to. And after the initial cost of the materials for the jig, they're super cheap to manufacture depending what materials you use. The coolest thing is the ability to have built in strike indicators. You can even make half the leader one color and half with a hi vis but section.

    The leaders themselves are so sweet! They practically cast themselves. I've only made a couple so far, one with tying thread and one with clear nylon quilting thread. The nylon makes a great leader. I even tried to get fancy with it and added a strand of bright green line to give it some color. Kind of came out a mint green color. Can't wait to get out on the lake and try it out.

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    Default Re: Oh great, here comes a new addiction.

    HaHa Your hooked ( Sic) With all the different sidelines in this sport it's a wonder we have time for actually fishing. What with furling leaders, tieing flies, building rods, the photography... you get into when you go fishing
    ( Who was it that said that "trout don't live in ugly places"), the entomology involved, etc. its tough to get out fishing. Good luck with your furled leaders .
    .Here is a site worth checking out for furlers

  3. Default Re: Oh great, here comes a new addiction.

    Yeah thanks, found that site a few days ago and it helped get me started. It's amazing how many different techniques there are.

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