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Thread: increasing the odds of landing a large

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    Default increasing the odds of landing a large

    reaching new levels in fly fishing is always a pleasure.. getting back into fly fishing has been a great joy for me.. i was loosing many, many large fish and finnally im getting some answers.. i would like to share some of the things that have increased my landings from the number of bites... im getting almost 50 percent of fish that i know have hit my lure at this time (nymphs)... probably one of the things on top of this list is line control... by having a mostly drag free drift, keeping the line under control with a short distance to set the hook from the hand to the fish is paramount... if you lift the rod and are standing in deep water the fish has the advantage when the line isnt tight.. im trying to say if your rod is up 90 degrees and your just setting the hook your late... if the indicator is down for a second (Or half second) and you set the hook your late,, the fish is allready trying or has spit it out.... point number two, keep the drag light.. light enough so that if the fish is in heavy current and out 40 yards or more the drag isnt increased by the current to the point where the hook will pull out of the mouth.. the fishes position changes contsantly, constantly enlarging the hole, and giving you bad holding angles, one of these angles may pull free with light pull, so a light drag is nessesary.. .. as stated here on this list often, keep the rod low,, if you wish to increase drag lift the rod so you get more friction from the rod ferruls, you can also turn it sideways to 90 degrees to acomplish the same thing and also keep the line low when they are close to shore.. .. try not to lift the rod up if the fish is near you... your totaly changeing the hook angle and are at great risk of loosing the fish,both by increasing the drag, and pulling up on the fish.. it can turn in any direction, run, flop jump etc... the best way to land a fish ive found is to back up onto land and keeping the rod low, pull it in to very shallow water.. in this position the only thing the fish can really do well is swim towards you and the hook is in a standard position that youve been using.. yesterday i landed about half of the fish i set the hook on with some 4 pounders running several times into the backing, and one doing acrobatics jumping continously.. probably one the of this biggest things i had to get over was not letting the fish run.. even if they go into the backing a ways, these fish here dont seem to intersted in going real far, if left to run most of them seem to stop without going too far., once they turn, you can pull the rod up, and reel in as you lower the rod.. you dont want to reel while the rod is tight or loaded...reel in as you lower the rod,, then lift the rod up to a little over 45 degrees to bring them in,and as you lower the rod crank the line in being carefull to lett go of the reel, if they turn and run, lowering the rod so there is little friction from the guides.. dave..

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    Default Re: increasing the odds of landing a large

    Thanks Dave for the insight. I plan to try your techniques this weekend at the LMF River. Sounds like good advise.

    How's the fly fishing in Montana?

    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"
    Henry David Thoreau

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    Default Re: increasing the odds of landing a large

    the best way to describe it is about a week ago i was in my favorite spot and a boat with what looked like 4 clients kept drifting by exactly where i was fishing.. i think they pay about 300-600 dollars a day (each).. i learned alot that day.. it seemed that in a boat, the boat drifs with the fish and your constantly pulling up on the fish, after setting the hook the same way lessening the chance of the hook comming out. the drift runs with the fish so runs into thebacking probably are much fewer.. someone on the other end of the boat can land the fish with a very long net also increasing chances of landing... one thing in my favor is a great fight.. they admired the long runs that i had, the fish dancing on the water, jumping frequently, all problems (sigh ) of fishing from the bank with high water and fast current.. dave..

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