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    Default Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 1

    Well, the Wooly Bugger Swap is now complete and it was a lot of fun working with the Bugger variations that everyone came up with.

    Here are the pics and the recipies of the flies that were tyed by the swap members. They're coming in two posts, since we have 14 tyers in this swap and we're limited to only 12 pics:

    "Green and Black" Bugger

    Hook – Streamer, #6
    Thread - Black 6/0
    Eyes - dumbells, brass
    Body - Chenile, olive
    Hackle - Hen saddle, black
    Tail - Marabou, black
    Tyer: Hardy Reels

    "Eyelashes" Bugger

    Hook: Eagle Claw, streamer, #10
    Head: Bead, gold
    Thread: Black, waxed, 14/0
    Body/Hackle: Blue & Silver eyelash yarn
    Tail: Marabou, brown / Polar flash
    Tyer: Davec921

    "A Lil’ Catchin’ Up" Bugger

    Hook: Tiemco 200R
    Thread: Black (leave tag end 6” long to reinforce Saddle Hackle when you wrap it)
    Head: Gold Bead, size large
    Weight: 8 amp fuse wire, 1 ½ “ length (slightly flatten both ends, one end will slip under bead, bind with thread & coat with Head Cement)
    Body: Peacock herl, 8 pieces (wist with wire & wrap up hook from tail)
    Rib: Wire, copper .032 (8” length)
    Hackle: Black saddle hackle (tie in @ tail by tip & when you wrap it fwd hold thread tag end together with it)
    Tail: Black feather fuzz, 3/8”
    Tyer: FISHN50

    "Brown and Copper Sparkle" Bugger

    Hook: TMC 5263 #10
    Thread: Uni 6/0, brown or orange
    Bead head: gold or copper
    Body: copper flash thread that I picked up at a hobby lobby store
    Hackle: Grizzly, brown
    Tail: Marabou, brown / Flashabou, gold or copper
    Tyer: Arfishinbear

    "Fiery Smoke" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, #8
    Thread: Orange 4/0
    Head: Bead, brass
    Body: Marabou hair, orange / Chenile, orange cactus
    Tail: Marabou hair, black
    Tyer: Bluebird

    "The Exorcist" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, Mustard, #8
    Thread: Olive, 8/0
    Body: Peacock herl (3 strands wrapped around tying thread)
    Hackle: Grizzley dyed olive (counter-wrapped)
    Tail: Marabou, olive / Flashabou, rainbow (3 strands/side)
    Tyer: Webrx

    "Bead Head Grizzly" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, #10
    Thread: Gray/brown, 14/0
    Head: Bead, gold, size 5/32
    Body: Chenile, gray
    Body hackle: Grizzly
    Neck hackle: Grizzly (softer hackle)
    Tail: Chicabou, grizzly
    Tyer: Rmooney

    "The Holy Grail" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, 4x long
    Weight/head: Silver bead or cone, biggest size that fits hook
    Body: Flashabou, wrapped silver holographic
    Rib: Wirem brassie size
    Hackle: Saddle hackle, gray
    Tail: Marabou, gray / Flashabou, silver holographic
    Tyer: Big Cliff

    "Bite Me" Bugger

    Hook: DaiI Riki 700, #2-12
    Thread: Color to match body, 3/0
    Head: Cone (lg. = #2-4) (med. = #6-8) (sm. = #10-12)
    Body: Foam or Chenile
    Hackle: Canadian series mohair (palmered in over/under body)
    Tail: Marabou to match / Krystal Flash to match
    Tyer: Mcnerney

    "Wet Dog" Bugger

    Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #8-12
    Thread: Brown
    Weight: Lead wire weight 3 folds, twisted, then tied on shank
    Body: Chenille, olive
    Hackle: Any long hair hackle (olive) long enough to reach the hook point
    Tail: Marabou, olive / Holographic Mylar Motion
    Tyer: Neversink

    "White Crystal" Bugger

    Hook: Mustard 9672, #6
    Thread: White 6/0
    Conehead: Gold, medium
    Body: Chennile, pearl
    Hackle: 2 hackles; Grizzley saddle / White saddle
    Tail: White marabou / Krystal Flash, pearl
    Tyer: Jimmie

    Stay tuned, the rest are coming in the next post.

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    Default Re: Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 1

    Very cool looking flies, can't wait to get them wet!


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    Default Re: Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 1

    Hi everyone . I left out one thing on the recipe for the catching up bugger.
    The 8 amp lead wire is tied down along the top of the hook. This usually flips the bugger over so it rides hook up.
    Pocono, you're the best. Thanks for running a great swap


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