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    Default Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 2

    Here's part 2 of the flies from the Wooly Bugger Swap

    "Chili Pepper" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, 4x long, #8
    Bead head: Copper bead, 5/32”
    Weight: .015 non-toxic wire (legal for waters banning lead)
    Body: Copper Crystal Chenille
    Rib: Wire, fine, gold or brass
    Hackle: Saddle hackle, barred white Eurohackle dyed "Golden Straw"
    Tail: Marabou, orange / Krystal flach, root beer
    Tyer: Peregrines

    "BC Bassin’" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, 2x long, # 8
    Thread: White
    Eyes: Silver bead chain
    Body: Chenille, yellow
    Hackle: White
    Tail: Marabou, yellow
    Tyer: Aroostkookbasser

    "Adams Family" Bugger

    Hook: Daiichi 2220, 4x long, #10
    Thread: Uni 6/0, gray
    Head: Tungstun bead, 2.3mm, black (Metz)
    Body: Ultra Chenile, micro, dark gray
    Hackle: 2 hen hackles; grizzly & grizzly dyed brown
    Tail: Marabou, golden brown (blood quill)
    Tyer: Pocono

    And here's a freebie for everyone in the swap:

    "Fire Mouth" Bugger

    Hook: Daiichi 2220, 4x long, #8
    Thread: Uni 6/0, black
    Head: Tungstun bead, 3.3mm, black (Metz); reversed
    Fire mouth: Sparkle Antron dubbing (½ chinese red / ½ light yellow)
    Body: Solid tinsel chenille; black
    Hackle: Hen hackle, black
    Tail: Marabou, black / Krystal Flash, root beer
    Tyer: Pocono

    That's it. Time to go fishing!

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    Default Re: Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 2

    Nice work everyone! Some very unusual patterns that will definitely be fun to fish.


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    Default Re: Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 2

    Hi Pocono,

    Thanks for posting the pictures. They are great ties and some I have not see before. Good job by all.


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