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  1. Default Please Help our Fish Farm - Disaster

    BBC News - 'Poison' probe as 26,000 fish die on Rhondda trout farm

    I hope I've put this in the correct place and have not crossed any boundaries or broke any forum rules here.

    My first love has always been Fly Fishing. Upper Rhondda Angling of which I've been a member of for 25 years. Built up their very own Trout Farm from Scratch on wasteland in Wales UK. Its been there for some 20 years. Lately the club has not had very good takeup - sign of the times I think. Still its got its ever faithfull Senior and Junior members.

    Yesterday it would appear that someone poisoned every last single fish we had in our tanks, thats all this years, all next years and extra which the club use to offset food price.

    26000 - Thats twenty six thousand fish we've lost. The guys that run the farm - for nothing spend all morning - every day at the farm. They show families around it and schools visit it.

    To add insult to injury, They now have to spend 2000 to have the fish incinerated in Newport. In short whoever did this has ruined a club thats been running for 50 years.

    I feel absolutely gutted. Such a horrible thing to do, to hard working and passionate members of the club.

    The link is the BBC News Story on our plight.

    I am no a willing to stand back and see our beloved Club go to ruin for on act of selfish vandalism.

    I have quickly uploaded a page onto our site where people can make donations via paypal, people have been so kind and we have had 100 given to us so far today.

    If any of the members on this forum would like to donate they can click on our link. We have nothing to give you back other than our heart felt thanks.

    Members interested in donating should PM to poster and ask for the link.
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    Default Re: Please Help our Fish Farm - Disaster

    Hi tafflaff,

    We have never had a live link for donations here before so I chose to err on the side of caution and edited your link out. I then inserted a message for members who may be interested in helping to PM to you. I do not know our rules regarding fund-raising & donations here so this was necessary.

    Anyone who would wish to help this cause should contact the poster.


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  3. Default Re: Please Help our Fish Farm - Disaster

    Thats fine, and thanks for allowing my first post to be one of asking for help. I dont normally start a forum like this, I do apologise.

    At the moment I'm trying to do a million things at once, just cannot believe its happened.

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Please Help our Fish Farm - Disaster

    I hope they catch the b@st@rds, fine them for wanton destruction of wildlife- about $50/fish sounds good to me, and about 20 years in prison with a big, ugly bunkmate.
    Good luck and I hope the farm can get up and running quickly.
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    Default Re: Please Help our Fish Farm - Disaster

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your farm. If they find the *******s, i hope they are shot in the street.

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    Default Re: Please Help our Fish Farm - Disaster

    There are several MAJOR UK based fishing boards that this should be posted to .... post to most, but haven't seen a hit of this.

    Why not (unless it's too damned early there, late here)?

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