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Thread: My new Polarized Glasses!

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    Default My new Polarized Glasses!

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a pair! Because I wear progressive lenses, I decided on the fit-overs. Searched the web and found that most of the fit-overs available were not wuite wide enough for my glasses- with one exception. Vistana. Available at for $49.95 and free shipping, I ordered a black pair with copper polar'e polarized lenses.
    They came the other day and fit perfectly! They are a wrap around style so my side vision is not blocked and there is a space between the glasses frame and my forhead to block out any light coming in from above.
    Can't wait to try them out tomorrow!

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    Default Re: My new Polarized Glasses!

    I got a pair of decent polarized glasses for a trip to the flats, and I've found them to be incredibly useful. And not just for spotting fish, but also for wading, etc., or other situations where it's useful to be able to see the bottom.

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    Default Re: My new Polarized Glasses!

    In some waters, polarized glasses are the neatest invention since the napkin. The water is to stained and deep here to help most of the time, but when they can, I love them almost as much as a good Mel Brooks movie.

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    Default Re: My new Polarized Glasses!

    Mine hit the ground yesterday and broke one of the lenses. Back to costa for replacement lenses.

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    Default Re: My new Polarized Glasses!

    I used clip ons for years and never knew what I was missing! These are great!

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