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  1. Cool Trying palaskie again

    Well im going back,Got all my stuff and wont forget along the river this time.The report says(Kings are in) The last time it was coho,I hope i do better this time.Hey cheer for the us fly fishing team there going to be competing . My newphew is competing in 2010.Go Team USA.

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    Good luck with the kings, hope you hook into a big monster!
    Best of luck for your nephew in the competition!


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    Well I went,Whaa Hooo.Only landed 2 cohos but had several kings on.The things are unbeliveable.They have so much power!Im using a 9ft 9wt temple forks and a orvice reel,The drag on the reel can stop the line but the rod cant stop the fish it would have broke.Between 3 of use we landed 1 king 4 coho 3 steelhead and 1 brown.The river was full of fish, Colors include green,pink and orange and combo's .Not a bad trip.Again wish good luck to The us fly fishing team.

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    They say it's the best year ever there in terms of numbers of fish....ever !
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Hi melvinp,

    Thanks for your report. it sounds like it was a blast. Are we going to get any pictures?

    For Kings in Alaska a 10wt it the lightest rod a lot will use. Most of the lodges have 12wts for the dudes from the lower 48. You darn sure need a rod with some backbone.


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    Your right with the 10wt and a 15lds + tippet you might have a chance.Im trying to cram as many trips in as possible im hoping for 10/23/09.If i get to go ill tell all.I will have pictures but not ready yet from the last trip. Let your drag sing.mel.

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    Well it was my 3rd trip to palaski and had a blast,2 kings and 1 brown landed.No pictures of brown (Tailed).You just cant take a picture of a snagged fish.Orange seemed to be the hot color,We had to barrow a net from the DEC to land one steelhead that was pretty cool even though they would have nailed use for any foul hooked fish.They have a job to do too.I would have liked to see them up in orwell the last time i went(Snaggers everywhere)I have a picture of a king with a bright pink and green fly jammed in the bottom of his mouth,They will hit ,And i do understand that their not feedind but you dont have to jam a hook in their side to catch Them,Maybe some day more people will understand that.

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