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    good morning friends.....i need a bit of help. i have a teton tioga magnum wide arbor reel (4-7wt) and thought about matching it up with a new st. croix avid 6wt. i believe the reel weighs 5.6 ounces, without line. not sure where the balance pt. should be. also, is this reel too heavy? it is only a little more than an ounce more than my standard arbor orvis battenkill (5-6wt) but it seems a lot heavier. i plan to use this outfit for smallmouth, primarily. thank you.

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    Just guessing, that reel might be a little heavy for that rod, but not by much at all. Some prefer the balance point to be in the middle of the cork, some at the point where your index finger sits when gripping the rod. I think anywhere in that range works just fine.

    The Avid rods are quite light. I would suggest also trying the Imperial series, which is likely a little heavier and might balance better with that rod. The Imperial are a little faster (which I prefer above a 5wt) and happen to be a bit cheaper too.

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    cliff, i put the reel with line on a 5wt sage and it balanced just about where you said. the rod is eight and a half feet, and the avid i am looking at is 9.

    with the avid, it is american made, and as a newer flyfisher, i think that a mod-fast may be a bit more forgiving. however, i am open to ideas. thank you for the

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    I had a 9', 6 wt Avid with the same Tioga reel. It balanced fine, IMO. I was told to check rod balance with the rod strung, and 5 or so feet of line out. You'll also find the Avid to be a very nice, forgiving rod. The Tioga reel is well made, with a good drag.

    I have other questions of my own re: balance as I'm trying to find a suitable reel for a new 10' rod. I'll be back later. Gotta run.

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    I had an Avid 9' 5wt, and I wouldn't worry about 5.6 oz. Mine felt a bit tip
    heavy with a reel less than 5oz, and the 6wt will likely be the same. Nice
    rod BTW!

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    That reel is just fine.I fish reels over 6oz on my 6wt with no problems.This balance issue is overblown.Its just not important where the balance point is.As soon as your line is outside the rod tip the balance point changes and continually changes as more line is cast.As long as the reel isnt overly heavy it will be ok.

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    I'm not sure where I got this idea from, but for at least 30 years I have been striving to balance my rigs at that point on the handle that is right behind the winding check. Somehow the words old-timer come to mind, someone schooled me to think this way.

    By balance I mean reel mounted, line strung up, and fly on the keeper. I think a rig is perfect if it will sit atop the tip of my index finger at the check. The one virtue that good balance has is that when you are walking and carrying a rod, you need not keep a death grip on the handle to keep the tip from dipping into the ground or angling up into the limbs of the trail side brush. Those of you who have snapped a tip by dipping it into the ground should be able to relate to this immediately.

    Whether or not balance reduces fatigue when casting is an open debate, I would think that once you are hauling 30 or more feet of line around above your head, the balance point created between your rod and reel isn't all that important.

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    I wouldn't worry about the balance point with your rod and reel. The way I figure it, if the rig doesn't feel right when you are casting, you'll know it. I don't think that you will have an issue.


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    For kicks, I got a new Albright GPX 5/6 and put it on my Quarrow 5wt to see where it balances. Although it is very unscientific, I could balance it on my index finger right at the end of the grip towards the front of the rod. With the backing and line on, it will probably move back just a bit. To me, it should be just right.
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    guys, i really appreciate the help. i was off on the weight. the actual weight is 5.8 ounces. i will give it a try though. the reel is really nice, at least for this rookie, and i got a great deal on it. again, i thank all of you.

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