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    I am wanting a new rod to start steelhead fishing with, I may go steelheading 6-8 times a year so i really dont want to spend a lot on a rod i dont use very much, right now the two rods i am looking at are the redington RS4 and the sage flight, any other rods you guys might suggest i take a look at ? thanks for the help.


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    I know nothing of the Reddington rod. I do have experience with the Flight. I cast a 10' 7 wt. I got to do this over a few days on my pond. I didn't actually fish it. The Flight casts very nicely. I could easily feel the rod load with 15', or 40' of line out. I was able to get nice tight loops, or more open loops when I wanted. The rod has enough backbone to pick lots of line up off the water. Roll casting was easy. I could get the line to roll out beautifully and lay down softly. Overall, the Flight I tried out would make a really good steelhead rod. The case is nice, in that, you can leave the reel on the rod.
    I just realized you asked about other suggestions. You might want to look at the Scott A3 rods. I cast the 10' 7 wt. IMO the A3s are one weight lighter than advertised. I have a 6 wt A3 that actually casts a 5 wt line more to my liking than it does a 6 wt. This seems to be the case with the 7 wt. It was definitely slower than the Flight 7 wt. It seems to me an 8 wt, casting 7 wt line, would be a nice rod for steelhead. The A3 rods are priced the same as the Flight.

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    Default Re: rod suggestions for steelheads

    Hi eric30,

    Here is my best advice. Call Todd at (937) 434-8472. He sells both Sage and Redington fly rods. Todd also fishes the rods he sells so he can give you a very good perspective on the Flight, RS4 and even the Redington CPX. Redington offers some really good rods for the money. So call or Email Todd at ReelFlyRod and take advantage of free shipping. If you buy a fly line and reel with the rod, Todd will spool everything and provide free backing. The best part of dealing with Todd is he is a great guy to deal with.

    You should also check out the Sage VT2 that is listed in the Classifieds. It is offered at a good price for the outfit.

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    I would give Loop a look at depending on the expense you want to spend on a rod of a lifetime it wont break the bank and i havnt casted one yet that isnt sweet

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    Default Re: rod suggestions for steelheads

    The price point series that has impressed me most is the Winston Vapor. Its 10 foot 7 weight ($325) has a nice crisp feel that some of the premium rods have. There is enough backbone to subdue a pissy Steelhead and to toss a heavy nymph rig. The Vapor is packaged up with an aluminum rod tube and cloth sock (something unheard of in a price point rod).

    As for lines, I like using a 7 weight Rio Atlantic Salmon and Steelhad line and the SA Mastery Steelhead line for floating lines. If you prefer to cast more off the mid section of the rod, upline to an 8 weight. If you want to swing some large Steelhead flies on a sink tip, I recommend a 250 grain Rio 24ft DC sink tip. That extra grainweight will help you cast the highly wind resistant ugly flies.

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    get an 7wt cabelas rod/reel combo. they are only $150 or less for a decent rod/reel/line/combo that will get you into the fish. my cousins own the 8wt cableas three forks combos for $80 bux and they catch lost of steelies. I got the discontinured st johns combo that was $99 and it caught me lots of steel! now i upgraded to a 7wt custom rod but that cabelas still works just fine!
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    Any 9-10ft 7-8wt rod will do just fine for steel, I prefer a med-fast for steel. I recommend trying different brands to see what feels best for you.

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    Take a look at the Orvis Streamline; I have a 7wt and I really like it. Another candidate is an Echo; I have a 10' 6wt, love it.


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    From what ive seen that any good rod will do but you need a reel with a good drag system.As you know they can strip a mile of line out in a second,Good luck.

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    Default Re: rod suggestions for steelheads

    There's a great deal in the classifieds here. Please forgive the self promotion but it is a good deal.


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