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  1. Question How much would you make tying flies?

    I was just wondering what stores pay for flies from those of you who make them or know anybody who does? After all your expenses what is the average amount of money you make per fly? Is it more of a passion then something your looking to make money out of? Thanks

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    I got into fly tying first as a challenge to see if I could tie flies that I fish with. I don't think you save much money tying for yourself because you end up buying lots of stuff. However once you have your materials you save on gas to go get them suckers. It is said that your own flies can be tied more durable than some that you buy. There is a lot of satisfaction in catching fish on flies that you tied with your own hand. My mind could not stand the concentation necessary to tie 6 dozen of the same pattern to sell as a custom fly..

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    Dont expect more than .65 to 1.00 depending on the fly.

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    I'm with Mike Love on not having the concentration needed to tie oodles of the same fly over and over, although I prefer to think of it as an aversion to monotony. Heck, I have a hard time even cranking out more than 6 of a given fly I know I will need for an outing. This leads me to create lots of different variations on the same fly and probably has a lot to do with the sizeable mess on my tying desk after a few sessions. I end up often wishing I had more of a given fly that was working that I just broke off, but I also end up having something similar that will usually also produce. Maybe it also helps to have a slightly different fly to throw in the same pool, after they've seen the same one go by multiple times.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    So seeing as how it seems very tedious to make money tying 6 dozen flies or whatever. What do you guys think about making a living by fly fishing? Right now I was just looking for something to keep me busy in my downtime and a possible way to make a bit of money off it.
    I want to be involved in the fly fishing industry but I am not quite willing to give up my day job to do so. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I could do from my house? Possibly work for one of those many fly fishing web sites. Does anyone do something like this? Or is anyone involved in the industry as a side job? Alright well thanks for the replies and I appreciate anyone's opinion.

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    You certainly won't get rich tying flies for someone else, or for yourself for that matter, unless you are very well known and even then. I tie commercially, and monetarily, it is more of a sideline. I made more teaching for one week than I do in a month tying flies. I do enjoy it however! When I am not guiding, I am normally tying so it keeps me occupied and gives me time to experiment with new patterns and such. It is more a thing of love than to get rich. I probably tie about 25-30 dozen flies a week, but over the summer, I'll be lucky to keep my fly box full. Good sideline business.

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    Don't expect to make any money from flies,I found that by the time I got all my supplies bought and got my flies to the quality that I could sell them,I spent almost 2 years selling flies just to break even.I still do tie and sell flies but now I just do it as kinda a favor to my fishing buddies and 1 fly shop,I will give you a example of the $ I made last month from tieing,I had to tie 6 doz wolley buggers and 3 doz mickey finns,both easy and fast to tie,I was getting about 8 flies a hour,in total about 22 hrs of tieing,I charged $130 for the entire order,not a bad price, but i spent over 85$ on supplies and missed a 2 day spring fishing trip!!IMHO if you want to make $ from the flyfishing industry study trout,the wilderness take survival lessions and wilderness first aid perfect your own fishing skills then get a fly shop to put you through a extensive guiding course in turn for guiding servaces,this may take years to do but If you think guiding is your thing then it's worth it.Keep in mind guiding in alberta (you are in calgary right)means some pretty stiff compition as guides come from all over n.america to guide in the foothills and on the bow and most of these guy's have been at it for years,and are absolute experts in all area's of survival,entamoligy,and flyfishing,with the people skills also!!I'm not saying it's impossable to make a liveing from it but it takes years (or at least it took me that long)then found out guiding was not for me!
    hopt this puts things in perspective for you
    tight lines

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    hey everybody, thanks for all the responses. Who knows what the future will hold, but all I know is since the first fly rod I picked up I've been absolutely addicted, which I am sure is a similar story for many of you. Anyways thanks again!

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