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    I bought a 09 Forester 3 years ago and I love it when the time comes I'll buy another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trout trekker View Post
    Here’s another CST for Silvertip8K
    It’s a nearly forty year old shot of my ‘69 CST 10 on the banks of the Eel river and yes, that’s dinner for the crew hangin’ from the driver side door. Times were different.


    whats not to like about such a practical and utilitarian rig!

    who says we cant have that again...well that has been my goal anyway...the super dooper high $$ rigs are OK I guess if you are a high roller...but I sure don't fit in that grouping...thanks for sharing the old pic...

    I will be sharing some similars later this year...if you have any more...please put 'em up...the younger folks here need to see how easy and fun it can favorite hotel alwys was ...motel 66...translation...the rest area on the hiway I was on...LOL...

    btw...I love the exterior food storage area!!

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    Default Re: Best Fly Fishing Vehicles

    Here is one of my rigs.

    1996 Dodge with an 58 Alaskan camper and a 73 Boston Whaler in tow.

    My other rig is a 96 Nissan Pathfinder for use on the narrow forest service trails or for quick trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    It was a minivan

    ..... an '84 Caravan, 4 cylinder, 5 speed, 28mpg
    Rear seats were removed and it instead had a bunk built in with hidden storage drawers underneath. Rod rack inside on the ceiling, roof rack for the canoe.
    .... the only issue.... poor ground clearance
    I went everywhere in that thing, it was a great fish car
    OMG! I had the same vehicle for 12 years! Used it hunting and fishing. Only problem I experienced was it's lack of power in the 5th gear/low rpm range. It would not do 65 or 70 in 5th. and a headwind or the canoe on top meant shifting up and down, 4th to 5th, like rowing a boat just to try to make 50 mph.
    I actually got out of a speeding ticket once I demonstrated to the deputy that I really had to run it up to 75 in 4th to be able to top a hill above 40 mph.
    Otherwise, it did a lot of things well. Cot in the back and room for clothes and gear under the bed. I kept my cooking gear on a hunk of plywood right by the rear hatch so I could slide it out a bit to cook.
    The single wide cot still left room to sit up on the bed and put your feet on the floor to dress. Cold in the morning? Just reach over the front seat and start it and turn on the heat. Want read a little before turning in? There's a light right above your head whether your head is towards the front or back. Too warm or stuffy? Pop open either or both rear windows. Ashtrays on either side of the wall. Clothes hanger hooks on both sides for glasses, flash light, guns.
    Had five of us and two dogs bird hunting in this rig once. The dogs didn't get along. Easy fix: Move the seat to the middle position, put one dog behind the seat, one in front.
    I'm a six footer and I always envied the sportsmen who could sleep in the back of a Toyota 4Runner or pickup. But with this rig the cot fit perfectly wedged between the rear door and the front seat withe seat in the farthest back position. I could drive comfortably and the bed etc didn't slide around.
    Currently, the rig is an 05 Chevy 1/2 ton std bed. I pack heavy when I camp and the wife and I just can't sleep on the ground anymore, so it's a bigger tent and cots and plenty of firewood.
    I'm amazed that I've been driving this truck for 7 years without a tune up. Just change the oil and put gas in it. Oh, and I'm not stuck going 50 on the highway anymore.
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    Default Re: Best Fly Fishing Vehicles

    Every car, truck, SUV and motorcycle I ever had was good. I say this because I've never had a flat or any type of mechanical breakdown while fishing. I always break rods down and tube them so size has never been a problem. In 1994 I bought a magnetic rod rack so you could move along a river with rods mounted all rigged up. That made all of the vehicles owned since then able to carry even Spey rods assembled.

    Sometimes I look at small RV's and think that if I had one I'd enjoy it. The idea of having a warm place to sleep especially in the fall and early winter here is pretty attractive. At this point in time I've found lodges and inns within reasonable drives to the places I fish in cold weather and I stay in their rooms. I figure I'll never spend as much on rooms as I would an RV so that's how I'm getting it done currently.

    During the summer I use a boat almost 100% of the time to reach the places I fish and so the best fishing vehicle would take the shape of a new boat. Mine is a slick boat but it is also a Spartan ride for sure, no roof, no heat. I'm used to it but I do look at those new Wooldridge Alaskan's every year, the ones with the canvas topper and forward console. Problem then is rod racking, my boat has a vertical rack on the port side of the console. Pretty slick, carries six rods fully rigged and the only danger is overhanging trees. Avoid the trees and it's all good.

    I think that if we had a better road system like I experienced when fishing in Oregon I'd be interested in a van to pull the boat with for comfort away from home. Here I use tents. I think one day I'll get a Wooldridge and put a 115 jet on it and call that good.

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    I have a small 5 speed Honda Fit hatchback and it fits all my rods broken down, and rods up to 9' rigged up, although I don't recommend that. Also has plenty of room for waders, coolers, etc. Great gas mileage and hasn't gotten me stranded or stuck even though it's a tiny little front wheel drive.

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