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    Default Great Kiwi Video

    Here is a video from New Zealand that you might enjoy, especially if you use mouse patterns. The fish and the scenery are amazing. Also, check out the casting.

    [ame=""]YouTube - 2009 Drake Flyfishing Video Awards Winning Clip[/ame]
    If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. ~ Doug Larson

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    I love this clip. I think the name of the full video is "Once in a Blue Moon" or something like that. I've been meaning to order it. If its half as good as the clip it will be worth every cent.

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    Default Re: Great Kiwi Video

    That clip is awesome.

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    Default Re: Great Kiwi Video

    WowMarvellous rivers,superb fish,great clip,thanks a lot for sharing

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    Default Re: Great Kiwi Video

    This is a great video.

    Watch it if you haven't already. Maybe even if you have.

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    Default Re: Great Kiwi Video

    Even though I've seen it many times before I always like watching Flyfishing Videos,especially good ones well done.
    Also I like The Quote by Doug Larsen "If people concentrated on the Really Important things in life there'd be a shortage of Fishing Poles."....My reply to it:
    With all The Rods All of us here have I suppose we could help out,even though it would be hard for some of us to part with any of our Rods.

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