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Thread: Sticky rubber soles

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    Default Sticky rubber soles

    I got a pair of the Klingon soles for my Korkers. They worked very well the other day on the first outing. A local shop has a sale on Simms boots and waders. I'm considering a pair of boots with the Streamtread soles for my son. What I'm wondering is how well do these soles wear? What kind of life have others been getting? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Sticky rubber soles

    It's going to be interesting on the wear factor of StreamTread. They have only been out for a year. Feedback that I have gotten from a local guide who has had his since its introduction is that his are still going strong. Keep in mind that he spends more time behind the oars than in the water.


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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately there likely isn't much feedback re: life of the soles. As much as we fish I suspect I can live with it, though. I feel the advantages are such that it's well worth getting them. Snow building up on felt is really annoying. I also hate slipping around when walking along the creeks. These new soles sound like the answer. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Sticky rubber soles

    I have a pair of Orvis sticky rubber boots with metal studs. They grip great on everything. I recently bought a pair of the Patagonias with all rubber soles for those times that metal studs are overkill, or I'm getting in and out of a boat.

    Both boots have served me well, and the sticky rubber is especially great along shore lines or walking on boulder-strewn embankments. The sticky rubber reminds me of rock climbing shoes. They stick really well.

    For snot-covered bowling balls, felt probably still has an edge over the rubber, but in most conditions I have been really pleased with both pairs of boots.

    As far as wear, the Orvis boots have shown almost no wear in two years, aside from some minor rust on the metal studs. I have used them quite often in a variety of conditions. The Patagonias are only four months old, so the jury is still out as far as longevity of the rubber.



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    My LL Bean AquaStealth rubber soles (same as rock climbing soles) are 11 years old, and they look and work great. Of course my LL Bean waders are still going strong at 11 too.

    I am sure that I do not wade as much as some. However, they have been well used, but they have also been well cared for prior to storage.

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    Default Re: Sticky rubber soles

    Thanks for the replies. By the sound of it, wear should be a non-issue for me.

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