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    Suggestions on what type and size net to get. Going to be fishing primarily for trout.

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    I like the newer plastic "ghost mesh." It's a clear, soft-plastic mesh which is supposed to be less obvious to fish than the standard black nylon mesh, reducing stress and helping make landing easier. In my experience, fish don't shy away from that material as much as ordinary nets, and it's also supposed to be better on their scales and slime layer than ordinary nets.

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    Thank you, I will check out those nets next time I'm at Bass Pro.

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    If you are big into the size of the fish you catch, they make some of them with a ruler printed in the netting. It is catch and release quality. The biggest thing as mentioned, is that you want something that will do minimal damage to a fish, check with your local fly shop if in doubt.
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    Thank you, I will check with my local fly shop as well. I don't want to cause the fish to much stress.

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