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    I have an older model, and I have enjoyed them for 11 years. The uppers and soles still look and wear great.

    Although the AquaStealth sole does not grip as well as felt on slime covered rocks, it does a very well overall. You can also walk on trails and pavement without harming the soles, and the soles will not mark up anything - such as a drift boat.

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    Those look like a pretty good deal, I like how light they are. As Strother said, the rubber soles won't grip slick rocks as well, but are easier to clean and maintain.

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    I sure like my LL Bean boots from last year. One change is last years aquastealths were studded.

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    Hopefully going to be taking a ride to Freeport in a couple of weeks and will be checking them out in person. They do seem like a good deal.

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