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    Default Good beginner rod

    Would a St. Croix Imperial 4 piece be a good first rod? What size reel would go with it?

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    Default Re: Good beginner rod

    i would prob get a 5 weight rod. i'd get an 8 or 8 1/2 ft rod. if this is for saltwater though, id probably get an 8 weight or so. I, a beginer also, got an Orvis streamliner 5 weight rod and i love, props to Orvis.

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    Default Re: Good beginner rod

    I've heard a lot of good things about the new Imperials, and I've cast one at the shop. I like them, and they'd make a pretty good beginning fly rod.

    For all purpose trout and warmwater angling I'd go with a 4, 5, or 6 weight, and pair it with a complementing reel- the Ross FlyStart is supposed to be a good beginning reel- and model #2 is designated for 5 and 6 weight lines.

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    I've been fishing my St Croix Imperial 5 wt for 10 years now and still love it. If your fishing most trout waters it will serve you well. I think if you try the avid though you will like it much better if you can cough up the extra bones. Some people may disagree but you can save some money by getting a two piece allowing for a bit of an upgrade. Unless I'm backpacking or something I generally see no advantage to a 4 piece.

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    Default Re: Good beginner rod


    I haven't tried the St Croix Imperial but it seems to get pretty good reviews. the 4 piece goes for around 180 or so, which puts it in some pretty good company with some other rods you might want to try too. Ideally you'd want to get to try it out before you buy.

    If you're not in a big rush, you might want to wait a bit and check out the fly fishing shows that will be coming up over the winter--- it's a good way to try a bunch of different rods all in one place--- most of the manufacturers will have demo outfits to try at the casting pool.

    One of the big ones up you way will be Marlborough show Jan 15,16 and 17 in 2010 at the Royal Plaza.

    As far as the size of the reel goes, that will depend on the rod you get --- look for a reel designed to hold whatever the line weight is that matches the rod plus an appropriate amount of backing for the fishing you plan to do.

    For typical trout fishing, that might be something like:
    a 4 weight rod matched up with a reef that holds a WF 4 line plus 75 yds or so of 20lb dacron backing

    or a 5-6 weight rod matched to a reel that holds a 5 or 6 WF line around 100 yds of 20lb

    for steelhead, light saltwater
    7-9 weight rod with a reel that holds 7-9 WF line and 150-200 yds 20lb

    or a 10-12 weight that holds 10-12 WF and 200-300 yds 30lb

    Let us know what kind of fishing do you plan to do and what line weights will you be considering.

    Maybe folks could give some specific recommendations for rods and reels to look at.


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    It obviously depends on what kind of fish you will go for. But here is my 2c, and it might be worth just that.

    I got started on a 4-5wt rod and then quickly went to a 3wt rod. I absolutely LOVE the 3wt rod, which I still use today. It makes casting easier as the rod is a lot lighter and catching fish is MUCH more fun. This is because a small fish will load the 3wt rod more than a 5wt rod, making it feel like you got a bigger fish.

    My question to the Wise is it general consensus to start with a heavier rod? If so, WHY???

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    Default Re: Good beginner rod

    Going to be fishing for trout primarily.

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    Default Re: Good beginner rod

    I have a couple of older Imperials (made in USA) and they're fine rods. The
    new blanks are still SCII graphite, and probably aren't all that different than
    the older Imperials. As long as a rod doesn't feel heavy, most of the rods
    I've played with in the last 10 years are dandy. The exception has been some
    of the really stiff rods that seemed better suited for 2 line weights heavier
    than recommended.

    You can get a 9' 4-pc 5wt Sage Launch for $170 right now, and shipping is
    free: CLICK HERE
    Don't worry about the rod being discontinued. If they don't have the spare
    sections (and they will for a while), they'll give you a rod that's at least as
    good as the Launch . It's made in the USA, and I like the reel seat better
    than the new Imperial....

    A 5wt is not a heavy line, and will cast more easily in wind, with heavier
    patterns, with less than perfect technique, etc.

    EDIT: YO! They're giving $30 off purchases of $150 and more!

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    I have never fished one of their rods so I dont know, but the Redington rods are great rods and if you are close to a cabelas they have their Traditianol II two piece rods for hald off, I picked up a 4wt n this rod and love it, I fished it this morning useing scuds and strike ind. and caught 6 bows and its casted very nice. I would go with a 5wt for a first rod though, its a little more of an all around wt.

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    Default Re: Good beginner rod

    Quote Originally Posted by colotrout View Post
    My question to the Wise is it general consensus to start with a heavier rod? If so, WHY???
    It really depends on what you want to consider as a heavier rod. I have friends who started fly fishing by fishing the California Delta for Largemouth Bass. The first rods that they used were the Sage LMB rods that are roughly 8 weight rods. I, like most people, started with a 5 weight rod, because it is a general purpose trout rod.

    When a newbie comes into the shop, I like to have a person learn with what he is going to fish except in extreme cases (000-2 weights, 9-16 weights). Most people want rods that can do a little of everything for trout hence the popularity of the 5 weight. What is important is that the newbie learns the feel of a rod loading.

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