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    A newbie here...given the choice do you hike up the stream and fish downstream or fish upstream and hike back? ... Looking at section 4 of chattooga


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    I fish up with dries and I hike up and fish back with streamers.


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    Thanks... Read the similar threads below and got some good info

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantomdriver View Post
    do you hike up the stream and fish downstream or fish upstream and hike back?

    Last season we mostly hiked down then fished back up.

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    I look to see where the other people are and then go the opposite direction.
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    Whatever direction the fish are.......

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    Most authorities whose books I've read tell you to fish upstream. And at least from my little experience (I've only been flyfishing for about 2 years), I can tell you casting downstream presents all kinds of challenges, particularly with drag. And if you can get enough slack in the line to get a decent drift, setting the hook becomes a problem.

    So, if possible, I hike downstream and fish upstream. Now I only fish downstream under very specific circumstances.
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    Keep in mind that Trout lay in the river bed facing upstream searching for easy food washing downstream. Fishing downstream you must keep your shadows off the water and stay somewhat concealed in the surrounding cover. I have spooked fish being a good 10 - 20 feet off and above the water, and once they become spooked- might as well sit down and enjoy the scenery

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    I was taught to always fish upstream so that is what I do. Like Ard said, fish up with dries and down with streamers that's how I do it.

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    I've fished both up AND down for several years each. Produced way, way, way more fish fishing heading down stream. Have to be a better caster & controller of line in my opinion, but even a beginner LIKE my 10 year old can work downstream with success (now 13) KEY, need to have more distance between you & the fish going downstream.

    Oldly, started out trout fishing at about age 8-9 by sending my flies down stream on very long drifts & caught fish this way, was an accident tHAT I discovered this AS nobody taught me anything. Decided after years of success to try heading up stream AFTER purchasing a fly fishing tape, pre internet forum days. Caught some fish with this tactic, but switched back to mostly downstream for the last several years now again. Much better...

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