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  1. Default fisjing with minnow flies for striped bass


    i am confused wether or not i am supposed to tug my line in, or to reel in mt line after the cast. can anyone help me with this? thabks

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    i guees theyre called streamers. do i tug or reel after my cast? any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: fisjing with minnow flies for striped bass


    Let the current swing the fly in an arc until it is down stream. How long have you been fishing with flies?

    Where do you live?

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    Default Re: fisjing with minnow flies for striped bass

    Hey Bruce welcome to the forum.

    Typically you'd want to "strip" it back to you (as opposed to reeling it in). To retrieve the fly by "stripping", assuming you're right handed, you'd keep in contact with the fly line with the index "trigger" finger of your right hand, alternately "crooking" your index finger as you strip the fly line in with your left hand in 2-6" strip--- then pinch the fly line between the index finger and the cork as you get ready to strip again with your left hand. (By maintaining contact with the fly line in your right index finger, you're ready to pinch the fly line against the cork and come tight to a fish if one strikes in between strips). Start with something like a strip strip pause, strip strip pause to imitate a baitfish-- and feel free to change it up fast or slow to see what might work.

    By stripping in the fly on the retrieve, the fly line will be outside the reel for you to cast again, as opposed to reeling in and having to strip off slack line to cast each time. Some care needs to be given to the slack line as you retrieve it. Depending on where you're fishing, it may be a good idea to have a stripping basket to keep the loose fly line as you retrieve it.

    Ard (Hardy Reels) gave you great advice. Typically you'd want to cast up current, and depending on the fly and density of the fly line you're using you could try a couple things:

    Dead drifting- after the cast. let the current swing the fly line and fly down current, then strip it back to you. Often used with floating fly line and flies with a lot of built in action (marabou, flat wings) or to imitate stuff like juvenile crabs, cinder worms and shrimp that often are swept in current.

    Cast, brief pause, then retrieve by stripping in, often used with floating or intermediate lines when fish are actively chasing stuff on or near the top.

    Cast and countdown- when using a weighted fly, like a Clouser or a sinking fly line, cast and count 10 "Mississippi's" to let the fly get a bit deep before starting the retrieve. Next cast count to 20 etc until you start bumping bottom or find where the fish are holding.

    Hope this helps--- keep asking questions if you have them, and tell us a little about the fishing you're doing.


  4. Default Re: fisjing with minnow flies for striped bass


    I've been fly fishing now for about 3 months. I currently live in the san francisco bay area, which is why I wanted to start fishing for striped bass and largemouth bass. I don't really have great options for trout here, which is why I go elsewhere up north cal.

    Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it. I was unsure if you strip the line back or reel it in. I remember seeing some videos of people stripping line, but then I wasnt sure what they were doing exactly.

    Sorry about the horrible grammar earlier. I was posting on my phone, and we all know how well that goes. haha.

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    Default Re: fisjing with minnow flies for striped bass

    Basically anytime you want to give motion to a fly, you'd strip it in (as opposed to reeling it in), whether it's a popper, streamer or whatever--- as opposed to a spinning or bait casting rod, where you impart action with the rod while reeling line in.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the striper fishing out there. Good luck!


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    Default Re: fishing with minnow flies for striped bass

    Talk about cutting your fly fishing teeth by chasing down Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass. Most of us started by targeting panfish or trout. Kudos to you!

    FYI. There is going to be a book called Fly Fishing the California Delta coming out next month. It was written by Captain Mike Costello. Most of the photographs were taken by John Sherman. I got an advanced copy, and it's great. You may want to get yourself a copy for some great inspiration.

    Good luck with your fishing endeavors.


  7. Default Re: fisjing with minnow flies for striped bass


    well ive cauught a few trouts with dry flies before but theres a place nearby that has active stripers every morning, which is why i thought id give it a try.

    in addition, all those fly fishing for stripers on youtube has kinda hyped me up lol.

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