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Thread: Nymph Rigs

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    Default Nymph Rigs

    Just wondering, when you are using a two or three fly nymph rig, how far apart do you tie the flies from one another? And if you add weight to the leader/tippet, how far from the lead fly do you place the weight?

    I'm just curious what different people do. I'm always interested to hear different fly fishing philosophies.

    Maybe tell us what kind of water you fish or what kind of fish you target. Whatever might help us get a clear picture.


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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    I usually fish with two nymph rigs, mostly trail the bottom fly about 12 inches behind the first. Then depending on wether or not I have a weighted fly first and also the depth im fishing I'll add weight about 10-12" above all this.


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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    When I fish two nymphs, I like them to be fairly close together so that it looks like a hatch in progress.
    Same thing with nymph and a streamer. I want the streamer to look like it's about to pounce on the drifting nymph and appear to be unaware of the trout.

    When I fish a cast of wet flies, I want to cover the full water column. The weighted point fly acts like an anchor dragging the bottom with the first dropper floating mid level and the second dropper dapping on the surface.
    You need a long stout leader to do this, 12' plus but it's most deadly

    I probably fish two streamers the most. In the saltwater surf nearly all the time, but also in undercuts on trout streams
    The point is just to get noticed and see what the fish want for dinner
    Inches apart works best
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    I fish each fly about a foot apart, and place my shot about six or eight inches ahead of the lead fly.

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    I keep the flies 15-20" apart. I find, when a fish takes the dropper fly, it often gets fouled with the point fly if they are too close together.

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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    When I set up for two fly when fishing steelhead I usually run the flies 12-18 inches apart...I put my splitshot above the dropper...


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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    Lately I have been tying my flies a little wider apart, even up to 10 inches or so, and I have been having more success. I have heard a lot of people say that they are tying their rigs closer together, but in the last year or so this had been my MO and it has been working. It also allows you to change flies more often without tying on new tippet.

    It also depends on how many times you've sipped at your flask that day. This can make it harder to estimate, if you know what I mean.

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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    When I'm fishing a nymph rig I like to tie the nymphs about 12" apart and if I need weight I add that about 8 inches in front of the first nymph. If I'm fishing a river ith lots of moss on the bottom, I will attach the weight at the bottom and tie the nymphs 12 inches above (that way the weight is dragging thru the moss). If I'm fishing a nymph off the back of a hopper or other dry attractor I like to shorten the tippet to maybe 9 inches so I can see any fish flashes that might hit the nymph.


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    Default Re: Nymph Rigs

    When I used them frequently I tied the extended blood knot leaders for my droppers in 16" lengths. If I felt curious I used two dark nymphs and a light colored one. The idea was to see what I should be fishing with. Most times there were three hares ears in different sizes on the line, the little guy on the tippet.

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