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  1. Default need help with some FF names from the past

    Hi all. I am trying to find out from anyone of the forum any history of 2 men of FFing from the 60's and 70's They are Dr. Charles Brady, Jr. and Capt George F. Weise

    The reason I am searching is because I came into some FFing things that were theirs. One of the fly cases was inscribed---" flies sent to orvis company for samples in fly tying, Dec,1965" This was from Dr. Brady who evidently was a master fly tier. From the flies in the collection I got--he was one of the best I've ever seen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated-- Yes I Googled them for hours-- no luck


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    Default Re: need help with some FF names from the past

    They were probably just a couple of ordinary cats. Never heard of either one, and if you tried Googling them and came up zip, (there're either dead or unimportant) The only thing you can do is hope there is somebody out there that knew them personally. As for the flies, enjoy them, and frame them.
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    Default Re: need help with some FF names from the past


    I am a bit of a fly tying buff and had already posted to your first thread that I was unfamiliar with the names. I also did a web search and came up with no results for either gentleman.

    If you decide to become a regular user here in the forum you may find that we have an entertaining group of topics daily and a huge archive of subjects that are easily accessed. Unfortunately I agree with Mojo in that you can choose to frame the flies or you could use them. You have not described what type of flies you have came into and if you have the capabilities to photograph some and post the pictures to a thread it would be interesting to see the work of master fly tiers.


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