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    Default Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

    I just wanted to give props to Ross' excellent customer service. Quick background:

    I have a San Miguel that had a drag problem. There was not much range in drag resistance. It was basically strong drag to stop-a-Mack-truck drag. No free spool. I sent the reel to them on Wednesday and got the reel back the very next Wednesday I couldn't believe the turn around time. Granted I sent it two day delivery, but the fact that they fixed it and sent it from Colorado to Ohio in 3 business days is amazing. They also called me to give me a run down of the changes they made to the reel. Not only that, the drag knob was scuffed when I sent it. It was the only cosmetic imperfection on the reel. They put on a brand new knob and made the reel look like it just came out of the box.

    So, thank you Ross' Reels and you will continue to get all of my money going forward when I purchase reels, simply for the amazing performance of the Ross reels I own and Ross customer service I have received.

    PS. Then drag is silky smooth again.

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    Default Re: Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

    Ditto dude. I have two Ross reels and they have never had a problem and they take a beating from me. I have never dealt with their customer service dept because the reels have always worked perfectly. But what you wrote doesn't surprise me.

    "There comes a time in every man's life when he is either going to go fishing or do something worse."

    -Havilah Babcock

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    Default Re: Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

    I am the buyer and "warranty guy" for my shop and the guys at Ross have THE BEST warranty out there. They are quick and they don't charge you for repairs unless its a big problem. They make the best reels for the price and they have the best warranty which is why we sell them more than anything else.

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    Unfortunately, I have been having a bad customer service experience with Ross. The drag gears on my Flystart reel wore out after a couple years, and I sent it to Ross expecting to have it repaired. Instead, someone from 3M contacted me, asking me to pay a fee (although they initially didn't say how much). After I asked, they explained that they only replace reels, not repair them, and that the "repair fee" for replacement was $20. I chose not to pay this fee (why pay $20 for a broken 10 cent part?), and instead of sending my reel back, they keep emailing me trying to convince me to pay the repair fee. Very frustrating.

    I had contacted Ross a couple years ago and they told me to just send the reel in and they would replace it. Since then they have been acquired by 3M, and I assume this is the cause for the change in customer service. Has anybody else had problems with Ross customer service since 3M took over?

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    Sorry to hear about your recent customer service with Ross Reels. I know that there are a lot of folks like me who go the extra mile to patronize companies that build their stuff in the USA; and it's always sad to hear about instances when this patronage comes back to bite them.

    I'm currently having a bad experience with Renzetti, and I will post the details once the ordeal is finalized. Considering what companies like Ross and Renzetti charge for their products, one would think that they'd be committed to customer satisfaction.

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    Default Re: Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

    The Flystart is made in China. Some companies use a different name for their overseas products, but Ross isn't one. They do use "Ross Worldwide" and "Ross USA", but many don't know the difference. I buy USA made Ross products, as it supports manufacturing jobs here. . I hate to preach, but buying stuff made in China only helps to modernize and grow Chinese manufacturing, while our manufacturing base gets smaller. One only has to look at the rapid mobilization of American industry during WWII, and also to wonder why the socialist government of China is embracing "capitalism" so wholeheartedly. I'm not paranoid, but I am cautious.

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    Default Re: Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

    Does anyone have any experience with Ross's top-of-the-line F1? It seem all thier reel model lines have different drag designs and this one looks most interesting.

  8. Default Re: Ross Reel's EXCELLENT customer service....

    Frank: Thanks for pointing out the difference in place of manufacture between Ross USA and Ross Worldwide. I used to know this stuff, but I've been out of the fly fishing game for about 4 years.

    I'm totally in agreement with you about giving our support to companies who manufacture in US. It's also worth pointing out that most of the US companies are significant contributors to agencies and groups that promote good fishing in US waterways. I think every piece of fly fishing equipment I own is US made. That being said, if I'm paying the extra money for US-made gear, I do expect good customer service when I need it. That's why forums like this one are so get the low-down on companies' commitment, or lack thereof, to their customers.

    Finally, I should add that just because I'm in a finacial sitution to buy American fly fishing gear, I understand that this is not a cheap proposition, especially for young folks just getting started. Bottom line: get the best stuff that you can afford, but also consider place of manufacture and a company's reputation.

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