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  1. Default quest for waders

    hello all,

    in my quest to complete my gear.. how do i know what size chest waders i need?

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    Default Re: quest for waders

    have a look here:
    depends which waders you want to could find a size chart for each brand.

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    Default Re: quest for waders

    Hi bruce334,

    You need to try them on before you buy. That is not too hard to do with Simms. Many first timers buy waders that are too tight. Foot size and length of leg is important but you need to be able to raise your knee up into your chest with out binding in the butt. You should also bend down onto one knee and check for binding. I have found the knee in the chest is the most telling way to check the fit. If they are too tight it places a lot of stress on the seams and material.


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    Default Re: quest for waders

    Frank pretty much summed it up. Try before you buy.

    I will add this. Plan on trying the waders with layering. Do not try the waders on with blue jeans. The waders may not feel right due to the stiffness of the denim. Since you are buying waders, you may as well buy some fleece wader pants to try the waders on. You'll be wearing them when you fish anyways. Bring the pair of socks that you plan on using to fish. Also bring a fleece jacket to make sure you have enough room for it in your waders.

    The goal in the shop is to simulate what you will be wearing on the water.

    When I wear a standard base layer pant, t-shirt, and socks under my waders, the waders look huge on me. When I add a fleece jacket and pant to the equation, the waders fit me well. I can manouver around just fine all layered up.


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    Default Re: quest for waders

    Frank and MP covered it all...


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