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    Default Fly Line Repair?

    This morning I discovered a short but deep gash in my fly line; maybe 1/8" long, and practically to the core. The coating is peeling back a little. It must have gotten caught between some rocks on the shore.

    The line is only about a month old, so I hate to replace it already. Is there a glue or other method to repair it?

    Fortunately it's about 30 feet from the leader end, so it won't be critical to fly presentation, as long as it doesn't catch in rod guides.
    Jakeway Near Nashville, TN

    Kayaks: Just part of the drag system

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    Hi Jake,

    You didn't mention the line's weight but if it is a lighter weight, here's what I would try: Use magic glue to secure the cut piece back in place. Once thoroughly dry, nail knot a thin nylon thread to the line that covers the length of the tear. Finally trim and coat the nail knot with waterproof fast drying glue.

    The core is the strongest part of the line and since it was not damaged, you can expect this repair to extend the line's life. I would inspect it after each outing and, if necessary, re-coat the nail knot.


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    Default Re: Fly Line Repair?

    Thanks for the sugestion, Doug. I hadn't gotten any replies, so I fisxed it basically the way you said, only without the nail knot. I used Zap-A-Gap glue. I'll see how it holds up. I have non-fishing visitors this weekend, so I don't know when I'll get a chance to try it out in the water. It feels pretty smooth in the hands, now.
    Jakeway Near Nashville, TN

    Kayaks: Just part of the drag system

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    Nothing wrong with Zap but I didn't make myself clear... Now that the tear is glued, wrap the repaired line with fine nylon thread just as you would when wrapping the foot of a rod guide; however, the best way to make this wrap is to form a nail knot just as would nail knot a leader butt to a fly line.

    Trim it up and coat it -- the wrap should be longer that the original tear.

    If I didn't make it this time, let me know an I will try again...


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    If Dougs suggestion doesnt work to your liking, which it should, you could always purchase a line from the full creel. He does give members a great price.

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