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    Not sure if FlyFishing inspires its participants to be philosopher/comedians - or they already were and that personaility draws them to fishing (chicken or the egg question) - probably a combination of both. I love reading the various Flyfishing quotes - both serious and witty. Some time ago I came across one that I really liked and had not seen before. I should have written it down and I can't seem to find it via google The author was a George (?) and I believe it was a very old quote.....something to the effect that he has no sympathy for a trout that finds itself caught on a hook - when the only reason it got into the predicament in the first place was by trying to attack something weaker than itself .....just written much more articulately. I'd like to find that quote again.

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    I Found the was in The Drake magazine:

    " When a trout chooses to prey upon what he thinks is weaker than himself, the angler ought not to be blamed for it "...
    George Washington Bethune (1847)

    I can't help but wonder if there were some 1800 era ancestors to the current ilk of Peta members which inspired him ?

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    Walter: Way to go, I didn't think you were going to have any luck with that request!


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