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    Hello, my name is Martin, I'm new to the forum, I am a friend and fishing buddy of krama .. (Martin), the other Argentine
    We are available for when they want information on Patagonia and hope to fish from our rivers when they want ...!!
    We're just going to fish during the rainy season begins and it gets good for salmon in Chile and the big brown in Patagonia (Junin de los Andes - Limay River - etc)
    Sorry for my English is not very good
    Big hug
    Martin "kuka"

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    welcome, you'll find friendly people here.

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    Martin: Welcome to the forum! I sure hope you post some photos of your countryside while out fishing and tell us how your fishing goes. The forum doesn't allow posting a photo directly from your computer to a thread due to virus issues, so you either have to create a photo album/gallery and post your photos there and then link them from the gallery to the thread or post your photos somewhere online like photobucket and then link them to the thread.
    Here is the FAQ for posting photos in a thread.
    The North American Fly Fishing Forum - FAQ


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    Ok Larry

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