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Thread: Braided Leader

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    I'm new to this so forgive...

    I have a 6wt WF Floating line with an Orvis braided leader tied onto the end. The leader is about 8' long, and attached to that is a 9' 4X knotless tippet, and then the fly. I have some 4X tippet line on a spool. Could I/should I tie that spooled tippet onto the Orvis knotless 4X tippet? How much tippet is too much?


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    No stupid questions here, someone is always willing to help a newbie.

    Let's clarify first: You have an 8 foot braided leader attached to you fly line. You have a 9 INCH (you posted foot) section of 4X tippet material tied to the fly end of the leader. Is that right?

    If so, you want to tie the tippet material from your spool to the end of the leader. I'm not at all familiar with Orvis braided leaders, as I use furled leaders I make myself, so maybe I'm not understanding your setup.

    But, tippet is used to replace the end of a tapered leader that is removed by clipping off flies, or to bridge the gap between the end of a furled leader and the fly. The tippet should be finer than the end of the leader to allow the fly to turn over properly.

    How long should a tippet be? As long as it needs to be. Sorry - it should be no longer than your leader, fly size, and casting skill will allow you to turn over properly. But it should be long enough that you won't spook the fish by landing the larger leader or fly line too closely.

    I'm a warm- and saltwater guy, not a trout guy, so most of my leaders are about 6 feet long, and I add an IGFA compliant tippet (Ande mono) with a bimini twist in the end by a loop to loop connection to the loop in the end of my furled leader. That gives me a leader and tippet combo that is 7.5 to 8 feet long. Works just fine for my fishing. But my furled leaders take 3 minutes to make, so if I need a longer leader, and have a spool of mono, I can make a longer one quickly. But I rarely need anything longer than 8 feet.

    Hope that helps.


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    I am reading that you are attaching a leader to a braided leader. In any event, I sent you a PM. Braided leaders are not great.

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    Listen to Joni. She knows.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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